Blizzard Entertainment deployed Shadowlands Alpha build 34615 to introduce testing of Ardenweald. The patch was a bit over 1.25GB.

You can check out Blizzard’s Ardenweald preview.

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First observation. If you lost a character in Sinfall, Revendreth — the alpha client still disconnects you or crashes when you attempt to login that specific character.


A temporary portal to Ardenweald has been added near the other temp portals (located at the western outer-ring of Oribos).

The final location of the portals when the game ships is pressumably accessed here.

That portal will take you to a higher floor in Oribos (Ring of Transference) where all the portals of Shadowlands will be located.


Professions aren’t available for testing in this build. The areas shown in the previous build are still there with no profession trainers.


These PvP gear NPC vendors now sell blue gear (iLevel 175) for Shadowlands PvP Honor tokens or purple gear (iLevel 195) for Shadowlands PvP Weekly Reward tokens. I must assume the token names are temporary.

The video shows the item stats and 3D model. Click the video title to launch the YouTube page. Then select 1080HD from the gear icon and fullscreen.


This build removed all the Torghast portals except Skoldus Hall, The Upper Breaches, and Twisting Corridors.

Players now have a buff named Swirling Winds which increases movement speed by 75% while in the Torghast portals room.



Ardenweald is a multi-layered zone that I can compare as a merge between how Nazjatar is layered and the Warlords of Draenor’s Shadowmoon Valley color theme. With a bit of Grizzly Hills. It is a beautiful zone with many times of creatures, and wild spirits from every expansion.

NOTE: Click the video title to launch the YouTube page. Then click the gear icon to choose 1080HD and click Fullscreen. Follow @blizzplanetcom for updates.

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