New Shadowlands Alpha build 34490 was deployed (1.48GB). I will update this page as I find new content in Shadowlands. Follow @blizzplanetcom on Twitter for notifications.

I can confirm that the level cap continues to be level 59. There is no level 60 content for testing in build 34490. Only Bastion and Revendreth remain available for testing. Ardenweald and Maldraxxus will be available in a future build.

Death Knight is the new class ready to test Torghast and anima powers.


There is a new system that seems not complete. It seems there will be a rotation of treasure chests that spawn in a specific zone. At the moment there are no chests when you get there in the map.

Searching this specific chest, I found out there are actually very well hidden caves in Bastion. I had to drop from a cliff to reach this cave that has no other means to get there unless you use a flying mount or drop down from the cliff.


The Death Knight class can now test Torghast content. You can find Flaska-Torghast in Hero’s Rest, or Aspirant’s Rest in Bastion to teleport there; or at the Pridefall Hamlet in Revendreth.


To access Oribos (capital city) go to the Vestibule of Eternity where you first entered Bastion in Alpha. This is a temporary portal while testing Alpha.


Fatescribe Roh-Tahl (vision of the arbiter) welcomes you at the graveyard if you die within Oribos. He has a tale about The Purpose in Shadowlands. He can be found on the eastern outer-ring of Oribos.

Next to him is Caretaker Kah-Sar who records and doesn’t record where all the souls have gone in the Shadowlands. Hmm… maybe he finally knows where Mankrik’s wife is.


The Host Ta’rela (Innkeeper) is ready to empower your Hearthstone for quick bubble-hearth to your new Inn.


Next to the Inn you will find the Hall of Holding which is taken care by Caretaker Kah-Toll (hand of the arbiter). This is actually the Bank. He tells us more about The Purpose.


The Hall of Shapes is the hallway where all the Profession NPCs are going to be when Blizzard enables them in Shadowlands. For now only their kiosks assets are there.


Unsure what the Enclave is, but based on the standards and flags I am going to assume the Quartermaster of each faction zone of the Shadowlands will be here from Revendreth, Bastion, Ardenweald and Maldraxxus.


In this hall there is a stable master and from the items on this table the guy to the left will be a Pet vendor or Pet accessory vendor.

The Transmogrifier and Void Storage can be found here too.

Next to them are three NPCs: Bazaar Master, Curiosity Vendor and Pet Vendor. They don’t sell anything in this Alpha build.

Far to their left is the Appearance Agitator (Barbershop).


I assume this is going to be where the portals to Bastion, Revendreth, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, The Maw, Orgrimmar and Stormwind will be located when Shadowlands ships.

The first screenshot shows that the portal to go to the top of Oribos is located toward the center of Oribos. Once you teleport up, this immense area will have a portal on each outer ring pillar — right between those torches.

For Alpha testing purposes, however, the portals are on the lower portion of Oribos on the western outer-ring.

These are: Orgrimmar, Bastion, Revendreth, and Stormwind.


This is a hidden room beneath The Idyllia Inn. There are two entrances on the left or the right side of the Inn, in the back.

The doors lead to ramps that go into the basement where you will find Opulence Ba’hare and Emisary Ba’solo of the Cartel Ba.


There is a Testing Tech Tree Dummy at the southern outer-ring. The system is still not ready for testing. The LUA error says this is the Covenant Sanctum. The talents have no tooltips and can’t be interacted with in this build.



The Undead Forsaken has been enabled for testing in Shadowlands Alpha. New customizations for both male and female are available. Awesome eyes, hair, 3 skin decay variations, and skin colors.

Click the video title to launch the YouTube page, then the gear icon to switch to 1080HD and fullscreen.


Your head might spin after this explanation. In previous Alpha builds, the Bastion portal in Orgrimmar used to be here in the basement of the Portal Room or on the west wing of the Mage’s Quarter Tower in Stormwind.

Then Revendreth was open for testing and there were two portals at this same spot: Bastion and Revendreth.

But as of build 34490 the Bastion and Revendreth portals were removed from that spot and replaced by the Oribos portal.

Don’t take your Tylenol just yet, the Oribos portal in Orgrimmar is in that spot… but that is a temporary location. Because right now in build 34490 — just on the other side of this portal is a brand-new spot for the Oribos portal which is missing … the portal.

This is how it looks in Stormwind now:


Started a new character to play through the Revendreth quests. No changes in the cutscenes (these are still showing the red X for work in progress). However, Sire Denathrius voice over has been added. All other NPCs don’t have a voice over in this build yet.

Druid Venthyr ability — Ravenous Frenzy.

New Cutscene in the quest A Reflection of Truth. It has a red X (work in progress).

Launch the YouTube page. Click the Gear Icon to select 1080HD and Fullscreen.

Build 34490 still has no continuation for Master of Lies at the end of Blinded by the Light quest. No cutscene available.

Do not logout within Sinfall or you won’t be able to login again with that character. That bug has not been fixed. Sometimes lowering all settings to graphics 1 fixes this, but not always.


I explored Exile’s Reach and came to these conclusions:

  • No cutscene updates.
  • Captain Varrick now has voice over throughout the questline.
  • Other NPCs don’t have voice over yet.
  • Horde doesn’t have access to Exile’s Reach option yet.

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