Blizzard Entertainment posted a preview of Oribos — the Eternal City in the middle of the Shadowlands. Oribos is coming to the Shadowlands Alpha test soon. Follow @blizzplanetcom for notifications. Once the new build arrives, I will tweet videos and images of Oribos in more detail.


The city of Oribos serves as the crossroads of the Shadowlands. Here, mortal souls are judged by the Arbiter before being sent to their final destinations, and shadowy denizens swap gossip and anima—the soulborn essence that fuels the Shadowlands.

Your arrival in Oribos provides a glimmer of hope in a dark time: For reasons no one can explain, the Arbiter has gone dormant and is no longer directing souls to their just afterlives. Instead, every one of them is being damned to the torment of the Maw—a place from which you were the first to successfully escape. As the heroes of the Alliance and the Horde journey through the uncharted realms of Death, Oribos welcomes weary travelers from both factions—but forces them to set aside their differences while inside the citadel’s walls.

How to get there: Portals in Vestibule of Eternity in Bastion or Pridefall Hamlet in Revendreth. Alpha portals are temporary; more options will become available closer to the release of Shadowlands.



AttendantsOribos is in the care of the Attendants, mysterious beings who were created to tend to the Eternal City and ensure the Arbiter carries out her duties without interruption. Their decisions are guided by “the Purpose,” the belief that the Shadowlands follows a pattern laid out by the Arbiter in her infinite wisdom.

Each Attendant serves the Purpose assigned to one of three paths. Caretakers are charged with maintaining the function and stability of Oribos; they tend to the Arbiter’s needs and service the operations of the city. The sagacious Scholars hold the knowledge of the Eternal City; it is from this circle that the Honored Voice, who speaks on behalf of the ever-silent Arbiter, is selected. Stoic and implacable, Protectors comprise a militia capable of defending Oribos and enforcing order within.


BrokersNative to an unnamed realm of the Shadowlands, Brokers possess an innate affinity for locating anima, even in the midst of the current drought. They appear eager to assist the mortals arriving in Oribos, offering their expertise in acquiring raw materials and crafting them into useful goods. Savvy and adaptable, the Brokers keep their true intentions to themselves. One thing is clear: they can provide a wide variety of exotic merchandise and valuable services . . . if the price is right.


Flowing through the very center of Oribos is the soul stream, made up of all the mortal souls entering the Shadowlands. Though intended to be judged by the Arbiter and sent to the afterlife each has earned, every soul—noble and villainous alike—is instead heading straight into the Maw.


Now that mortals roam the Shadowlands, Oribos has attracted Brokers from across the realms of Death come and trade goods within the Hall of Curiosities. Just as in Azeroth’s sanctuary cities, Oribos offers all the services an adventurer would need, such as profession trainers (found within the Hall of Shapes), a bank (Hall of Holding), and PvP vendors. You’ll also be able to access barber shops which will provide updated appearance options for your characters in a future alpha update.

Some services will not be available with the alpha at this time (including profession vendors and trainers), but we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready for testing.


Though long isolated due to the effects of the anima drought, the Eternal City has once more opened its gates allowing travelers to come in and out of Oribos freely using the portals and flight master’s services within. From here, players can travel to Bastion’s elysian fields, the gladiator arenas of Maldraxxus, Ardenweald’s ethereal forests, the gothic spires of Revendreth, and the horrors of the Maw.

Portals to Orgrimmar and Stormwind will also be available for Azeroth’s champions to use, located at the entrance of Oribos so that you may return to the lands of the living to settle any unfinished business.

Temporary portals to Bastion and Revendreth will be available to use in the alpha. Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Orgrimmar, and Stormwind flight paths and portals will become available closer to the release of Shadowlands.


From her sacred chamber atop the very crown of Oribos, the Arbiter has judged every mortal soul crossing into the Shadowlands since the dawn of time. But now, instead of being shepherded to their deserved fate, all souls are flowing past the dormant Arbiter and hurtling directly into the horrors of the Maw. The desperate Attendants have sought in vain to unravel this mystery, causing some to question their own unwavering faith in the Purpose.

We look forward to sharing more information as development continues, and we hope this preview prepares you for Oribos and all it has to offer.

What mysteries are you most looking forward to unveiling in Oribos? Join the discussion on the forums.

Vendors and items are still in development and subject to change, so be sure to check back for periodic updates on as we approach the release of Shadowlands.source

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