Kayn Sunfury: Do you recall Varedis, Master? He was once our lead trainer, but fell with the Black Temple years ago … or so we thought. Kor’vas spotted the traitor flying alongside the Legion at the vault… wielding glaives imbued with power unlike anything she’d ever seen. The Kirin tor have an eredar lord locked away in the Violet Hold that will know where Varedis’ stronghold lies. The prison warden has agreed to consider granting us access to the fiend. Time to do some convincing.

Making Arrangements


Quest Objectives

Meet Kayn Sunfury outside the Violet Hold.



Kayn Sunfury: See you there.

NOTE: Go to the gate of Violet Hold.

Kayn Sunfury: All we want is a few moments with the eredar… alone. He has information we need.



Kayn Sunfury: I hold little love for these mages and their ilk, but they are necessary allies.



Making Arrangements


1. Call of the Illidari7. Power of the Master (Havoc) | Vengeance Will Be Ours (Vengeance)
2. The Power to Survive - (Havok | Vengeance)8. Trusted Lieutenant (Havoc only)
3. Making Arrangements (Havoc) | Asking a Favor (Vengeance)9. Spoils of Victory (Havoc only)
4. By Any Means (Havoc) | Ask and you shall receive (Vengeance)10. Cursed Forge of the Nathrezim (Havoc & Vengeance)
5. The Hunt (Havoc) | Return to Jace (Vengeance)11. The Master's Gaze
6. Return to Mardum (Havoc) | Establish a Connection (Vengeance)12. Time is of the Essence
Class Artifacts Questlines


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