Kayn Sunfury: With each day that passes I see more of Lord Illidan in you, Master (name). You have sacrificed more than any… and the war is far from over. We may not see eye to eye at times, but I trust your capability to lead us to finish our mission – no matter the cost. No Illidari in your command is as capable as I; if you ever require my skills just say the word and consider it done.


Rewards: You will gain this follower: [Kayn Sunfury]

Trusted Lieutenant


Trusted Lieutenant


1. Call of the Illidari7. Power of the Master (Havoc) | Vengeance Will Be Ours (Vengeance)
2. The Power to Survive - (Havok | Vengeance)8. Trusted Lieutenant (Havoc only)
3. Making Arrangements (Havoc) | Asking a Favor (Vengeance)9. Spoils of Victory (Havoc only)
4. By Any Means (Havoc) | Ask and you shall receive (Vengeance)10. Cursed Forge of the Nathrezim (Havoc & Vengeance)
5. The Hunt (Havoc) | Return to Jace (Vengeance)11. The Master's Gaze
6. Return to Mardum (Havoc) | Establish a Connection (Vengeance)12. Time is of the Essence
Class Artifacts Questlines


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