A few minutes ago, Blizzard Entertainment published in YouTube the Shadowlands: Dark Abduction cutscene.

Bolvar Fordragon is carried into the Ebon Blade floating fortress, and augurs that Sylvanas will come for those who opposed her.

The Night Elves, the Tauren, the Orcs, Kul Tirans and Humans in Stormwind witness the sky turn dark. The Forsworn swoop down into Stormwind to abduct King Anduin Wrynn. While none of the other leaders are seen abducted, Anduin saw the same dark skies descend upon Stormwind.

We know from the Shadowlands Beta that Jaina, Anduin, Baine, and Thrall were abducted. Only Tyrande was able to deflect her would-be kidnappers with the power of the Night Warrior.

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