Exploring Exile’s Reach, there are many sunken ships of varied races, above and beneath the ocean. Not much to find underwater around the Exile’s Reach Isle — but there are a few things that can be found, make you stop and make you think.

After nearly 20 minutes swimming around the isle, I came across this very unique scene on the beach.

A humanoid skeleton holding a small fork. The position of both shells (resembling a bra) makes it clear this is a female humanoid. Looking down — there are no feet, but instead a fish tail.

From that combined visual cue it is definitive to discern that this is meant to be the remains of a Mermaid. There is no such race in World of Warcraft. Seawitch Naga do not have fish tails. More like serpent tails.

As I turned the camera, a yellow fish (with blue stripes) floating near the mermaid caught my attention.

There is no animal or humanoid corpses anywhere around this specific scene. So the fact there is a single dead crab next to the mermaid — gives you a specific vibe.

The Little Mermaid (Ariel) and Sebastian (the crab). The yellow fish with blue stripes is… Flounder. The fork is a reference to the Dinglehopper (thanks, wpScraps)

I found other unique scenes around the Isle that do not register for me what they mean — if they mean anything at all. Let me know @blizzplanetcom via PM.

I don’t recall seeing that tower style before. Does it ring a bell to you? Titan, Old god, Drust, Shadowlands?

Sirah81 (Reddit) says the skeleton holding a necklace on this anchor-emblem door is in reference to Jack and Rose from the film: Titanic (1997) — played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

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