Kayn Sunfury: I am suspicious of Altruis’s motivations, but for now, we have the same goal – getting out of this prison.


(Why don’t you get along with Altruis?)


Kayn Sunfury: Many years ago, during Lord Illidan’s time at the Black Temple, Altruis the Sufferer split from our leader and the demon hunters. Believing that Illidan had become the very thing he hated, Altruis then began sinister campaign to orchestrate our master’s downfall. He was instrumental in the deaths of four of our comrades – Alandien, Theras, Netharel, and Varedis. These were our teachers, our brothers and sisters. For that, I cannot forgive him.


Rise of the Illidari

Kayn Sunfury: Look down there. We are vastly outnumbered. We will need more allies on our side if we are to escape from here intact. Free the other Illidari imprisoned within the cells of this chamber. We will need everyone to escape this place alive.



Quest Objectives

Free 8 Illidari Prisoners.



Kayn Sunfury: The demons aim to destroy our world. We need to release our allies.

Kor’vas Bloodthorn: (Name), it has been a long time since Marduum. I am ready for another fight.

Jace Darkweaver: I will go ahead and secure the elevators.

Allari the Souleater: The Wardens seek our help? Things must be desperate.

Marius Felbane: I sense demons nearby. After all that time in stasis, I am ready to hunt.

Falara Nightsong: We will need weapons and supplies if we are to break out of here. I am on it, (name).

Cyana Nightglaive: A decade with only the voices in my head, I thought I would go insane.


Imprisoned Illidari freed: 8/8


Mephistos: Ahahaha… so the desperate Warden has turned to her enemies? Give up, demon hunter! If you hope to escape the Vault, you will have to face ME.

Sira Moonwarden: This way, sisters!

Maiev Shadowsong: Gul’dan could never access this chamber. One of my Wardens has betrayed me!

Kayrn Sunfury: I, too, have felt betrayal by my own kind.

(Kayn Sunfury looks over at Altruis the Sufferer.)



Kayn Sunfury: We always knew the Illidari would be called upon to defend this world. It is why we sacrificed everything to become who … WHAT…. we are.


Rise of the Illidari


Mardum - Demon Hunter Intro Quests
1. The Invasion Begins11. Hidden No More
2. Enter the Illidari: Ashtongue12. Stop the Bombardment
3. Set them Free13. Into the Foul Creche
4. Enter the Illidari: Coilskar14. The Imp Mother's Tome
5. Eye on the Prize15. Fel Secrets
6. Meeting with the Queen16. Their Numbers Are Legion
7. Enter the Illidari: Shivarra17. On Felbat Wings
8. Before We're Overrun18. The Keystone
9. Orders for your Captains19. Return to the Black Temple
10. Gime Sight Beyond Sight
Azsuna: Warden's Isle
1. Our Last Hope
2. Breaking Out8. Beam Me Up
3. Rise of the Illidari9. All the Way Up
4. Fel Infusion10. A New Direction
5. Stop Gul'dan!11. Between Us and Freedom
6. Grand Theft Felbat12. Illidari. We are Leaving.
7. Frozen in Time


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