Jace Darkweaver: Now that you’ve uncovered the demons, I can sense them, too. Specifically, I sense a very powerful fel lord deeper in the cave. You need to grab his power while you still can.

If you can deal with their leader, we will take care of the rest of his forces in that cave.


Quest Objectives

Kill Fel Lord Caza and take his Fel Power.

Reward: Throw Glaive (ability)

Hidden No More | Demon Hunter



Location: Cryptic Hollow

Jace Darkweaver: They won’t escape us. Illidari, attack!

Coilskar Sea-Caller: The Legion must be stopped before they burn our world.

Ashtongue Stalker: Lord Illidan commands and I follow.

Felguard Butcher: For Brood Queen Tyranna. For the Legion!

Felguard Butcher: Die, Illidari fool.

Eredar Sorcerer: Your world will be purged!

Felguard Butcher: I’ll rend you limb from limb.

Eredar Sorcerer: Finish them. Recast the cloaking spell.

Felguard Butcher: The fel you wield will not be enough.

Jace Darkweaver: The fel lord is just ahead.

Fel Lord Caza: My axe never misses its mark.

Fel Lord Caza dies.

Fel Lord Caza: I would have sundered your forces…

Tip # 1: At the entrance of this cave, there is a small chest with 3 Healthstones.

Tip # 2: You don’t need to attack any mobs unless they aggro you. They keep spawning over and over again. Scripted event.

Tip #3: Fel Lord Caza is all the way at the end of the cave tunnel.

Tip #4: Important — by Fel Lord Caza, behind one of the green pulsating crystal, there is a tiny chest hidden. Not sure if it gives random loot, or the same loot, but I looted [Mardum Lord Signet] (purple ring with 258 Agility, 172 stamina, 114 Critical Strike and 114 Mastery)

Tip #5: Behind the tiny chest is a shortcut to the entrance, and as you go down there is a green crystal that gives you a 2-minute buff.


Kayn Sunfury: Do you have it?



Kayn Sunfury: Excellent. Absorb that fel lord’s power and become more powerful in turn.

Then, we can fully concentrate on destroying the Legion and their Brood Queen.



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