Allari the Souleater: I am using the Scythe of Souls to interrogate these demons, but they do not know anything about the location of the Sargerite Keystone.

They just keep repeating their loyalty to some queen.

Cyana and Jace have moved ahead. Unfortunately, I think Cyana got herself captured trying to help some of our other demon hunters.

There is something not quite right with her…

Set them Free

Allari the Souleater: Cyana went down to the Molten Shore. She was going to help some of the demon hunters who came in through the gateway ahead of us. Instead, I think she got herself into trouble.

This doomguard revealed they’re being held prisoner by some new type of demon called a Jailer. The thing sucks the souls out of its victims. I doubt they can hold out much longer.


Quest Objectives

Several of your demon hunters are in trouble. Get the Soulwrought Key to set them free.

  • Soulwrought Key
  • Belath Dawnblade freed
  • Cyana Nightglaive freed
  • Izal Whitemoon freed
  • Mannethrel Darkstar freed

Set them Free | Demon Hunter Intro



Felguard Sentry: For Brood Queen Tyranna. For the Legion!

Cyana Nightglaive: I… will not… give in!

Note: Kill an Anguish Jailer to loot the [Soulwrought Key]. Only need one key to open all the cages. Look at the minimap for dots pointing at the prisoner locations.

Cyana Nightglaive: I will never be taken prisoner again. Never!

Ashtongue Stalker: It is an honor to kill in Lord Illidan’s name.

Anguish Jailer: Into my cage you go.

Belath Dawnblade: I will destroy all of you.

Ashtongue Stalker: I am here to assist you.

Mannethrel Darkstar: So weak… hard to contain… my energy. I almost lost the fight against the fel energy inside me.

Izal Whitemoon: The pain! A slight setback. I assure you it will not happen again.



Jace Darkweaver: I’m glad that you’re here, (name). Now, let’s be about our business.

(Jace, what is this Nether Crucible?)

Jace Darkweaver: The crucible? It’s a device that we can use to scry upon others or communicate across great distances.

We can even use it to contact other dimensions.

It feeds on fel energy. The more distant the target, the more energy required by the ritual.

(What’s your opinion about the Shivarra?)

Jace Darkweaver: The Shivarra and many other demons swore fealty to Lord Illidan when he defeated their former master, the pit lord Magtheridon. We also have naga, broken, and some other creatures working for us.

If the Lord of Outland is okay with it, then I guess that’s good enough for me.


Jace Darkweaver: Some of our demon hunters are missing. Did you see them back on the Molten Shore?

Their souls were being sucked dry by a Jailor demon?

The Burning Legion in this place is far more powerful and brutal than we’ve ever seen before.


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