Kayn Sunfury: Jace’s wards are not going to hold out much longer. We need someone to go out there and make sure those Legion devastators are destroyed.

(Kayn pointedly looks at you with his spectrally-enhanced vision.)


Quest Objectives

Destroy the Legion Devastators.

Stop the Bombardment | Demon Hunter



Location: Illidary Foothold

Kayn Sunfury: We will not last much longer if those devastators are not destroyed!


Location: Soul Engine

Coilskar Sea-Caller: My thanks. Come, my brothers… back to the battle!

Soul Engine Devastator: 1/1


Location: Forge of Corruption

Forge of Corruption Devastator: 1/1


Location: The Doom Fortress

Doom Fortress Devastator: 1/1



Kayn Sunfury: True leadership is hard to come by. Leading from teh front is an even rarer trait.

We are just about ready to assail Brood Queen Tyranna’s command center.



Mardum - Demon Hunter Intro Quests
1. The Invasion Begins11. Hidden No More
2. Enter the Illidari: Ashtongue12. Stop the Bombardment
3. Set them Free13. Into the Foul Creche
4. Enter the Illidari: Coilskar14. The Imp Mother's Tome
5. Eye on the Prize15. Fel Secrets
6. Meeting with the Queen16. Their Numbers Are Legion
7. Enter the Illidari: Shivarra17. On Felbat Wings
8. Before We're Overrun18. The Keystone
9. Orders for your Captains19. Return to the Black Temple
10. Gime Sight Beyond Sight
Azsuna: Warden's Isle
1. Our Last Hope
2. Breaking Out8. Beam Me Up
3. Rise of the Illidari9. All the Way Up
4. Fel Infusion10. A New Direction
5. Stop Gul'dan!11. Between Us and Freedom
6. Grand Theft Felbat12. Illidari. We are Leaving.
7. Frozen in Time