Kayn Sunreaver: Jace Darkweaver swears that for a split second he sensed a demonic presence up and behind us. He took some of our forces up to the cave just to the southeast to investigate.

They found nothing in the cave, but he is certain that something is amiss.

Would you lend him your guidance, and more importantly, your spectral sight?


Quest Objectives

Speak with Jace Dreamweaver and then use your Spectral Sight ability to scan the cave for hidden demons.

Give Me Sight Beyond Sight | Demon Hunter



Location: Illidari Foothold

Kayn Sunfury: We cannot launch our attack until we’re sure we won’t be flanked.

Cyana Nightglaive: Yes. Let’s be certain to take care of that.


Location: Cryptic Hollow

Jace Darkweaver: (name), will you use your spectral sight on the cave entrance? Something’s not right.

(Cast the Spectral Sight spell)



Jace Darkweaver: I KNEW that I’d sensed something foul!



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