Maiev Shadowsong: After his defeat at the Black Temple, we brought Illidan’s lifeless body here, to be interred forever within the Vault of the Wardens. However, Gul’dan has found his way through our defenses and is trying to steal Illidan’s corpse. Even in death, Illidan’s body can be used by the Burning Legion. Gul’dan CANNOT succeed.

Stop Gul'dan


Quest Objectives

Enter the Vault of the Betrayer, then collect the Sigil of Destruction and the Sigil of Brutality.


Gul’dan: Illidan Stormrage. At last, I meet the great Betrayer.

Cordana Felsong: So HE is the key to Azeroth’s downfall.

Gul’dan: Soon. The body is cold, but his soul is not done fighting. We have work to do before he is ready.

Cordana Felsong: Hurry, then. The Wardens are coming, with the Illidari in tow.

Gul’dan: They ARE desperate. Illidan… now, you belong to the Legion.

Maiev Shadowsong: Cordana! You will answer to the High Council for this.

Cordana Felsong: Judge me all you like, sister, but you cannot stop us.



Gul’dan: You are too late, Warden. This vault will be your tomb.



Maiev Shadowsong: Demon hunters, you have to survive. Find the one named Archmage Khadgar. You can trust him. Illidan is still my charge!

NOTE: Maiev jumps through the demonic portal in pursue of Gul’dan and Cordana Felsong.

Discovered: Vault of the Betrayer

Find Gul’dan: 1/1

NOTE: You must fight two Mo’arg: Sledge and Crusher. This might be a tough encounter. Both cast Shoulder Charge simultaneously (can’t be interrupted). Just double jump out of the way.



Face Kick is channeled for a couple of seconds, knockbacks and deals 26,172 damage.

Altruis the Sufferer: Just like old times, eh Kayn?

Kayn Sunfury: Do not speak to me of old times, Altruis. You betrayed Illidan. You betrayed us all!

Altruis the Sufferer: After ten-thousand years of imprisonment, Illidan succumbed to the fel energy within. When he was freed, he was not in his right mind.

Kayn Sunfury: He was fighting it, as we all do. He needed us to have faith in him, Altruis.

Altruis the Sufferer: You followed Illidan blindly, like a dog. Even when he lost his way.

Kayn Sunfury: He made the hard choices. He sacrificed EVERYTHING. What did you give?

Altruis the Sufferer: I fought as hard as the rest of you! But I did not murder thousands of innocents.

NOTE: Make sure to loot both if they are apart. Crusher drops Sigil of Destruction, and Sledge drops Sigil of Brutality.


Kayn Sunfury: Excellent. Absorb the powers of these brutes, and feel your strength grow!


Stop Gul’dan!


Mardum - Demon Hunter Intro Quests
1. The Invasion Begins11. Hidden No More
2. Enter the Illidari: Ashtongue12. Stop the Bombardment
3. Set them Free13. Into the Foul Creche
4. Enter the Illidari: Coilskar14. The Imp Mother's Tome
5. Eye on the Prize15. Fel Secrets
6. Meeting with the Queen16. Their Numbers Are Legion
7. Enter the Illidari: Shivarra17. On Felbat Wings
8. Before We're Overrun18. The Keystone
9. Orders for your Captains19. Return to the Black Temple
10. Gime Sight Beyond Sight
Azsuna: Warden's Isle
1. Our Last Hope
2. Breaking Out8. Beam Me Up
3. Rise of the Illidari9. All the Way Up
4. Fel Infusion10. A New Direction
5. Stop Gul'dan!11. Between Us and Freedom
6. Grand Theft Felbat12. Illidari. We are Leaving.
7. Frozen in Time


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