Jace Darkweaver: The doomguard commander and his queen must be dealt with. His eredar are summoning in a huge number of reinforcements.

We need to put an end to him before the Legion overruns our new foothold up in the volcano!


Quest Objectives

Slay Doom Commander Beliash and take the Demon Soul of the Doomguard.

Rewards: Consume Magic (spell)

Before We're Overrun | Demon Hunter Quests



Location: Molten Shore

Jace Darkweaver: Beliash is protected by those Spires of Woe. You’ll want to deactivate them. Good luck, (name). I’ll see you up in the volcano.


Location: Seat of Command

Brood Queen Tyranna: Deal with these insects, Beliash.

Doom Commander Beliash: They will die. Get away from that spire!

Doom Commander Beliash dies.

Doom Commander Beliash: You won’t survive Inferno Peak…


Location: Illidari Foothold

Kayn Sunfury: Did you kill the Legion commander and take his soul?



Kayn Sunfury: Already, the flow of demons from below has slowed to a trickle. Quickly, absorb the doomguard’s soul and become more powerful.



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