Archmage Khadgar: The Legion has begun its invasion of our world. Across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, brave defenders are answering the call to arms. However, they will ultimately fail without your aid. You Illidari were uniquely trained as weapons against the Legion. I only ask that you come with me to Dalaran. Further instructions await you there.

Illidari. We are Leaving


Quest Objectives

Speak to Archmage Khadgar. Read More

Kor’vas Bloodthorn: (Name), as leader of the Illidari in Lord Illidan’s absence, you must make a decision. Who shall you recruit as your second-in-command? Kayn or Altruis. You can only choose one. The chosen individual shall become your personal champion, and their ideology will color our decisions for the Illidari going forward. No matter who is chosen, our mission remains unchanged. We must recover Illidan and defeat the Legion.

A New Direction


Quest Objectives

Choose between Kayn and Altruis. Read More

Kor’vas Bloodthorn: (Name), you must stop this argument before the damage is irreparable. Kayn and Altruis must be reminded of their common bonds. The Pool of Judgment can reflect memories of the past. Touch it, and draw upon your own recollections. Remind them what it meant to fight under Lord Illidan. Remind them why we took the demon hunter’s path.


Quest Objectives

Gaze into the Pool of Judgment. Read More

Allari the Souleater: The fearsome demon, Immolanth, led a Legion army that conquered and eventually ruled a distant nexus world. Somehow, the Wardens imprisoned him, then kept him locked up in the chamber to our left. He is contained, but not for long. The demon’s power is a valuable prize to any demon hunter who can defeat him. Whoever can do so will gain power beyond imagining. I believe that person could be you, (name).

Forged in Fire


Quest Objectives

Kill Immolanth, then retrieve the Heart of Chaos.

Forged in Fire Read More

Kor’vas Bloodthorn: Straight ahead of us, our people struggle to contain a creature known as Glazer. The Wardens have an intricate mechanism that is used to contain the monster, however it has been malfunctioning. You will need to rotate the mirrors in the room to focus an energy beam onto the creature. Otherwise, we cannot break through Glazer’s impenetrable shield. Hurry, Altruis went ahead to assist the others, but we are losing the fight.

Beam Me Up


Quest Objectives

Break Glazer’s shield.

Beam Me Up Read More

Kor’vas Bloodthorn: In the chamber to our right is a fearsome magma destroyer known as Ash’golm. Many of our brethren are inside. We do not have the strength to bring it down, but we might be able to reactivate the room’s containment field. Kayn went to assist the others, and he will need your help. Do whatever it takes to seal that chamber!

Frozen in Time


Quest Objectives

Activate the Countermeasure in the Vault of Ice. Read More

Cyana Nightglaive: (name), Brood Queen Tyranna is just ahead in the command chamber. The others already charged in. She has the Sargerite Keystone in her possession.

Finally, the object of all our sacrifice is at hand.


Quest Objectives

Kill Brood Queen Tyranna and take the Sargerite Keystone. Then, join the others down-below in the portal chamber.



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Kayn Sunfury: It is time. We have dealt the Legion’s forces a crippling blow from which they will never recover.

Quickly, let us mount up and take the fight to Tyranna’s command center.


Quest Objectives

Grab a felbat from Illidari Whitemoon and fly up to the Fel Hammer.


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