The LiquidSky for Mac client is coming on July 7th. Let’s say you have a Mac, but you have always wanted to play that awesome game that is exclusively available for PC computers. Cough: Overwatch.

On July 7, you install the LiquidSky for Mac, install the Launcher in the LiquidSky cloud server.

Download Overwatch. Launch the game, and start playing Overwatch or any other PC-exclusive-game on your Mac.

The basics of cloud gaming is that all the CPU and GPU intensive tasks are handled by the LiquidSky server then streamed to your Mac computer.

if your CPU or graphic card is old and it can’t handle some of the latest most advanced games, now it can.

Better yet, LiquidSky plans to launch the iOS version at a later time, and when that happens you can bring your PC/Mac games to the iPad anywhere.

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LiquidSky for Mac


LiquidSky is coming to Mac Devices soon and we’re really excited about it.

Watch the coming soon video here and share it with your friends that own Mac devices so they can get excited about accessing a full Windows desktop in the cloud to play their favorite PC games in the cloud.