The Everything Old is New Again achievement sends you in search of four items you can loot from the ground in Drustvar.

Old Hat/way 55.46 27.06Above the bones pile
Old Flask/way 64.85 67.72Jump from the top of the waterfall. There is a flask underwater resting between the rocks
Old Knife/way 32.46 58.98Stuck on the south side of a tree trunk
Old Crossbow/way 35.58 51.86On the ground in between a tree's branches

After you collect all four items, go back to Fallhaven. Then ride uphill toward Alpine Rise.

/way 45.19 27.96

This is the cabin where you enter the cave of the original Order of Embers. You will now see 4 quests at the end of the cave (on the table). Turn in the quests. The achievement will pop onscreen.

After the achievement, all four items become trophies. Click to read their dialogue. Each item has your name as the person that returned the lost items.

A Loa of a Tale
Carved in Stone, Written in Blood
Cursed Game Hunter
Drust the Facts, Ma'am
Dune Rider
Eat Out of the Palm of My Tiny Hand
Eat Your Greens
Everything Old is New Again
Hoppin' Sad
Kul Tiran Up the Dance Floor
Legends of the Tidesages
Mushroom Harvest
Sausage Sampler
Scavenger of the Sands
Shanty Raid
Three Sheets to the Wind

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