This article is not “how to find” the Hivemind mount. Not yet. Instead, this is a quick look at past secrets from Legion and Battle for Azeroth to educate or remind you how each secret started.

Understanding these might be of help to figure out what to look for. The first thing needed for the Hivemind mount is … to find the first clue that starts the sequence of steps that lead to the mount.


Uuna secret started with Call of the Devourer which drops from killing any Antoran Defender or Tormented Ritualist at the Scavenger’s Boneyard.

Lucid Nightmare mount secret started with Inconspicuous Note at the Curiosities & Moore shop in Dalaran.

Riddler Mind-worm mount secret started with Page 9 located at the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran.

Kosumoth the Hungering secret started with talking with Drak’thul (Broken Shore 37,71)


Nazjatar Blood Serpent secret starts with collecting 20 Abyssal Fragment. When combined they form: Abhorrent Essence of the Abyss — which is taken to the Abyssal Flame (altar) in the mine in Stormsong at Warfang hold at 58.88, 85.

Ba’al secret started from Conspicuous Note atop the Uldir pyramid-like building. Note says: “Start at the beginning” — which led back to Drak’thul in Broken Shore. To fight Ba’al you require to summon Uuna.

Waist of Time secret required Ba’al and started with a shout when you looted Ba’al: “SEEK KNOWLEDGE” and led to Spires of Arak (Arakkoa are known for seeking knowledge) where you click “Lit Orb” at Spires of Arak /way 35 32

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UPDATE: It has not been stickied yet by the WoW Secret Finding community, but this suggestion by Mattacate has a very eerie and intriguing text that might require a decent investigation.

The Ba’al secret finding started with the Conspicuous Note that was found atop Uldir — which at the time was the new raid to open in Battle for Azeroth.

Logic dictates, thus, that the next clue might be near the next major content patch feature — which in this case is:

  • Dazar’Alor Raid
  • Warfront: Darkshore

The previous secrets have required either Uuna or Ba’al as a pre-requirement to start the next secret.

Mattacate suggested that maybe Zur’aj the Depleted might be a clue on how to start the search for the Hivemind mount secret.

How is Zur’aj the Depleted relevant in this “theory” … can be countered with how Uuna started as a pet… but then Uuna had follow up steps that upgraded her to have a crown of flowers on her head, and later obtain a wand… which an expansion later… served her to debuff Ba’al during the fight.

So… if Zur’aj the Depleted is like Uuna… then we need to find a way to … un-deplete him?

This is what his tooltip says: “Once a mighty warrior of the n’raqi, Zur’aj’s power was stolen and absorbed by an unknown rival.”

I see a tooltip like that at a juncture where we haven’t yet found the first clue to start the Hivemind mount secret search… and it immediately makes me go: “Ah-hah!  This might lead to something.”

First: who is the unknown rival? That makes us look for a large number of candidates to test a summoned Zuraj’s reactions before rivals in and outside the Battle Pet system (mostly the outdoor world).

Which leads to how can we restore the power stolen back to Zur’aj the Depleted?

To me that sounds like the steps that led to upgrade Uuna. Uuna obtained the wand from a wand you click in Bloodmyst Isle (near Exodar). Uuna’s crown of flowers was found in Shadowmoon Valley. When Uuna is kidnapped, you rescue her by clicking a dark crystal in the eye socket of a dragon skeleton … at the Emerald Dragonshrine in Northrend.

So… before you discard the Zur’aj theory… take in mind all the steps for Uuna to be upgraded and later, rescued — and that Uuna played a role as a pre-requisite to unlock the secrets of Ba’al and the Waist of Time.

Zur’aj might have the potential to become the new Uuna of Battle for Azeroth, and be required for future secrets in the current and the next expansion. Who knows.

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