The Dune Rider achievement have you searching for planks scattered within Vol’dun. The objective is to click them and ride along the dunes. The extra benefit is that once you know where they are located, you can use them again and again for a fast movement transportation throughout the center area of Vol’dun.

With the TomTom addon installed: Create a macro by typing /macro and Copy/paste this into the macro commands text field:

/way 54.86 21.34
/way 47.90 62.50
/way 45.78 63.54
/way 38.03 70.97
/way 32.26 68.98

The planks are located in this map at the green dot markers.

This video shows you how to get to the most remote and difficult locations.

A Loa of a Tale
Carved in Stone, Written in Blood
Cursed Game Hunter
Drust the Facts, Ma'am
Dune Rider
Eat Out of the Palm of My Tiny Hand
Eat Your Greens
Everything Old is New Again
Hoppin' Sad
Kul Tiran Up the Dance Floor
Legends of the Tidesages
Mushroom Harvest
Sausage Sampler
Scavenger of the Sands
Shanty Raid
Three Sheets to the Wind

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