The Hoppin’ Sad achievement is easily completed by clicking the frogs throughout Nazmir. However, some of them are hidden in caves underwater or underground.

Hoppin' Sad achievement

With the TomTom addon installed, type: /macro to open the Macro Commands text field. Then copy/paste the following waypoints.

/way 52.83 42.84
/way 65.57 50.90
/way 69.59 58.60
/way 56.01 65.08
/way 44.59 92.86
/way 28.91 83.20
/way 24.16 91.72
/way 21.89 69.37
/way 34.36 61.66
/way 25.65 40.60

Click the Frog links to watch video of how to get to the underwater and underground caves.

Item / YoutubeTomTomNote
Lost Spawn of Krag'wa/way 52.83 42.84Near the road -- inside the wall, to the left
Lost Spawn of Krag'wa/way 65.57 50.90Underwater cave
Lost Spawn of Krag'wa/way 69.59 58.60Underwater. Beneath dinosaur skeleton
in a hidden cave
Lost Spawn of Krag'wa/way 56.01 65.08Behind the tree, within the roots
Lost Spawn of Krag'wa/way 44.59 92.86Hidden cave behind waterfall
Frog behind Protective Riverbeast
Lost Spawn of Krag'wa/way 28.91 83.20narrow path at /way 27.24 81.64
Frog inside a cave.
Lost Spawn of Krag'wa/way 24.16 91.72In the open, high in the mountain. Corner.
Lost Spawn of Krag'wa/way 21.89 69.37Hidden behind a tree.
Lost Spawn of Krag'wa/way 34.36 61.66Underground cave beneath a tree's roots
Lost Spawn of Krag'wa/way 25.65 40.60Hidden behind hanging leaves/branches
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