The Scavenger of the Sands Achievement has you explore around Vol’dun in search of several junk items lost in the sands of Vol’dun. These can be picked up from the ground by clicking the item.

Scavenger of the Sands achievement

With the TomTom addon installed, type: /macro to open the macro commands window. Then Copy/Paste the following:

/way 62.87 22.68
/way 66.40 35.90
/way 64.87 36.10
/way 37.80 30.46
/way 47.92 36.71
/way 45.87 30.68
/way 52.44 14.41
/way 26.79 52.92
/way 29.47 59.37
/way 36.21 78.38
/way 43.22 76.99
/way 47.08 75.79
/way 56.31 70.07
/way 53.56 89.80
/way 45.22 91.16

The green dots mark the location of these items.

Below, click the item name to launch a YouTube video showing the location of the item.

Item / YoutubeTomTomNote
Kurt's Ornate Key/way 62.87 22.68On a crate
Rachel's Flute/way 66.40 35.90Inside a cave on a wagon seat.
Cave entrance at /way 64.87 36.10
Brian's Broken Compass/way 37.80 30.46Underneath a broken wall's brick
Josh's Fang Necklace/way 47.92 36.71Inside cave at Vorrik's Sanctum.
By the serpent pool and 3 crates.
Damarcus' Backpack/way 45.87 30.68Hanging from a tent
Julien's Left Boot/way 52.44 14.41Near bones
Ofer's Bound Journal/way 26.79 52.92On a teal table near Zareen
Skye's Pet Rock/way 29.47 59.37On a plate, behind Jenoh
Ian's Empty Bottle/way 36.21 78.38In a toppled crate next
to Blackeye Gunt
Navarro's Flask/way 43.22 76.99On a basket next to Zauljin
Zach's Canteen/way 47.08 75.79On a crate next to Serrik
Jason's Rusty Blade/way 56.31 70.07Beneath the bridge,

next to a skeleton
Julie's Cracked Dish/way 53.56 89.80On a table next to Akunda the Patient
Portrait of Commander Martens/way 45.22 91.16Inside a house, on the wall

Watch the video to check out where to find each item. Some are inside caves, or in a house.

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