The Shanty Raid Achievement sends you in search of books throughout Tiragarde Sound. Most of the books are found on the ground or on a table. Two of them are looted from killing rare elites.

With the TomTom addon installed, type the coordinates listed below to search for the books.

Click the item name for the link to YouTube videos.

Item / YoutubeTomTomNote
Shanty of Fruit Counting/way Tiragarde Sound 43.47 25.58Book near skeletons inside a cave
Shanty of Inebration/way Boralus 53.06 17.62Behind NPC: Jay the Tavern Bard
Shanty of the Lively Men/way Boralus 72.42 69.27Book inside The Curious Octopus Inn. Above the fireplace (left side).
Shanty of Josephus/way Tiragarde Sound 76.07 82.96Kill the rare elite NPC: Barman Bill in Freehold (non-dungeon)
Shanty of the Horse/way Tiragarde Sound 73.18 84.15Freehold. Inside the Ring of Booty Inn. On the bar.
Shanty of the Black Sphere/way Tiragarde Sound 56.46 70.05Daelin's Gate. Kill rare elite NPC: Black-Eyed Bart

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