The Better, Faster, Stronger achievement sends you to search for witch potions throughout the Crimson Forest in southwestern Drustvar. Combine simultaneosly all 4 witch’s Boon effects on you, and the Witch’s Curse: Newt.

With TomTom addon installed, Type /macro

Create a new macro and assign a name and icon. Copy and paste all of these coordinates:

/way 24.55 55.81
/way 23.22 52.73
/way 22.91 49.13
/way 24.48 49.41
/way 25.23 49.83
/way 24.55 55.81
/way 23.64 57.69
/way 23.22 58.78
/way 22.71 59.80
/way 21.81 59.52
/way 21.28 58.48
/way 18.99 57.14
/way 19.57 55.61
/way 19.16 54.12
/way 20.46 53.10
/way 20.72 51.68

Close the macro and drag the button to your spellbar. Press the button. All the waypoints will be marked on your map. These are potential spawn locations where you might find potions.

(Credit: Waypoints by frotty)

DESCRIPTION You need to click Mysterious Brew along the path shown by the waypoints. If you stray away from the path perimeter, you lose the buffs. Drinking the Mysterious Brew will buff you with one of 4 different buffs (or 2 debuffs):

Once you have three of those buffs, keep drinking Mysterious Brew until you get Witch’s Curse: Newt (polymorph debuff). This will trigger the achievement.

WARNING: Druids in cat stealth can drink the Mysterious Brew without breaking stealth. However, once you get the three buffs, and continue drinking Mysterious Brew — if you hear a poof sound, that means that potion is Witch’s Curse: Newt. The poof sound is alerting you that you can’t be polymorphed in cat form. Immediately, switch to humanoid form and drink it before it despawns. Once polymorphed, you get the achievement.

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