The Sausage Sampler achievement can be accomplished by visiting three vendors. Two of them are located in Drustvar. The last one in Boralus.


Fallhaven: Talk to Elijah Eggleton (near the flightmaster). He sells:

  • Goldshire Farms Smoked Sausage
  • Roland’s Famous Frankfurter
  • Rosco Fryer’s Mostly-Meat Brat
  • Timmy Gene Sunrise Pork

Falconhurst: Buy Fried Boar Sausage and Rosco Fryer’s Mostly-Meat Brat from Alisha Darkwater (Innkeeper). (TomTom: /way Drustvar 26.69 72.52)


Tradewinds Market: In Boralus, talk to Charisse Payton.

The last food is crafted from Cooking Profession. The Recipe: Heartsbane Hexwurst can be looted by killing Raal the Gluttonous in the Waycrest Manor dungeon (any difficulty mode).

Once you obtain the recipe, craft Heartsbane Hexwurst and eat it to complete the Sausage Sampler achievement.

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