The Carved in Stone, Written in Blood achievement sends you exploring around Nazmir in search of 4 pictographic tablets to study the history of the blood trolls.

With the TomTom addon installed, type /macro to open the Macro Commands text field. Then copy/paste the following waypoints:

/way 43.34 48.13

/way 42.58 57.11

/way 56.33 57.18

/way 51.22 85.10

A Loa of a Tale
Carved in Stone, Written in Blood
Cursed Game Hunter
Drust the Facts, Ma'am
Dune Rider
Eat Out of the Palm of My Tiny Hand
Eat Your Greens
Everything Old is New Again
Hoppin' Sad
Kul Tiran Up the Dance Floor
Legends of the Tidesages
Mushroom Harvest
Sausage Sampler
Scavenger of the Sands
Shanty Raid
Three Sheets to the Wind

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