The Eat Your Greens achievement in Nazmir is a bit complicated as the consumable herbs required do not have a specific waypoint. These spawn randomly throughout Nazmir. However, there is a specific trait of where you might likely find them.

Gnarl Root: spawn by the roots of big trees anywhere in Nazmir.

Saurolisk Tail: spawns in shallow waters near Zul’jan Ruins, Natha’vor (46.25 37.23), or the mangle west of The Necropolis.

Stonebloom: spawns inside the area of Heart of Darkness, and Zul’Nazman.

Bwonsamdi’s Tears: spawns near dinosaur skeletons and brick building ruins (far north and west of Heart of Darkness). Kinda Terrace of Sorrows.

Krag’wa’s Ire: spawns inside blood troll villages like Zalamar (north of Terrace of Sorrows – 33.11 45.84).

Sapphire Amaraina: spawns at sand beaches with some flora and grass nearby (Mangrove Shore: 73.25 12.55). East of Torga’s Rest and probably north of Krag’wa’s Burrow.

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