Legendary Entertainment posted in their Twitter a video of Leeroy Jenkins and TheRedShirtGuy (our lore writer) meeting for the first time in a limousine heading toward the red carpet (actually it was black) for the Warcraft Movie premiere in Hollywood.

Leeroy rose to fame 11 years ago with his “charge” shout: “LEEROYYYYYYYYYY JENKINS!!!” TheRedShirtGuy rose to fame at BlizzCon when confronting Chris Metzen and Alex Afrasiabi about the inaccurate death and removal of Falstad in Aerie Peak in Cataclysm Beta. It was the wrong Wildhammer dwarf. Rom was the Wildhammer dwarf who died in Warcraft: Night of the Dragon, not Falstad.

You can view our Warcraft Movie premiere photo gallery here with both our staff members: TheRedShirtGuy and DPerschonok.


Leeroy Jenkins meets TheRedShirtGuy