A marketing representative from HalloweenCostumes.com reached out to inform they will soon have in-stock the All-New Warcraft Movie Halloween Costumes for children and adults. Some of these costumes come with a Plus Size and a Prestige costume alternative. I recommend following the Prestige costume links below. They look different and more elaborate than the normal version shown below.

These costumes come handy for BlizzCon, and future Blizzard events, not just Halloween. Especially, if you aren’t able to craft your own cosplay costume.

There is an estimated availability date for August 19, 2016. The pages and images are already online. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get an alert once pre-order is enabled.

These are the upcoming Warcraft Costumes (follow the links):
Note: The Muscle Costume doesn’t include the mask or weapon. Those are sold separately.


Warcraft Movie Masks


Warcraft Movie Costumes – Children


Warcraft Movie Costumes – Adults

adult-lothar-muscle-costumeAdult Lothar Muscle Costume
Adult Lothar Muscle Costume (PLUS SIZE)
Adult Lothar Prestige Costume


adult-durotan-muscle-costumeAdult Durotan Muscle Costume
Adult Durotan Muscle Costume (PLUS SIZE)
Adult Durotan Prestige Costume
Adult Durotan Prestige Costume (PLUS SIZE)


adult-king-llane-plus-size-muscle-costumeAdult King Llane Muscle Costume
Adult King Llane Muscle Costume (PLUS SIZE)


adult-orgrim-muscle-costumeAdult Orgrim Muscle Costume
Adult Orgrim Muscle Costume (PLUS SIZE)




Warcraft Movie – Weapons

Warcraft Movie Stormwind Sword ««Warcraft Movie Stormwind Shield ««


Warcraft Movie Dragon Sword ««Warcraft Movie Durotan War Axe ««


Warcraft Movie Doomhammer ««