Blizzard Entertainment invited Blizzplanet to the World of Warcraft: Legion Press Summit event held last week at their Irvine campus. Our staff member Dperschonok and stream influencer @SwiftyIRL had the opportunity to interview Jon Hight (production director) and Luis Barriga (senior game designer) to discuss details of the Demon Hunter, Artifacts, and PvP.


Transcript (Soon)

1. Is there an approximate time-frame for Demon Hunters to be accessible to players who pre-purchase Legion?

2. The initial Demon Hunter starting place has Illidan sending you to Mardum a few years ago, but then at the end you end up in Azsuna. How do the cinematics explain the drastic change?

3. What is your goal with introducing this new class, and what does it bring to the table for players interested in playing it?

4. Is the new voice chat intended to launch by the time Legion arrives?

5. Have you taken steps to discourage or prevent realm-hopping in the Looking-For-Custom Group?

6. How far are you willing to change or balance PvE and PvP combat each new expansion without losing the identity of World of Warcraft — like how it works, compared to modern games.

7. So far it appears that there are a lot of prominent characters involved in Legion. This is refreshing for many fans. What brought about this change of pace in storytelling to include leaders of the Alliance and the Horde to drive the story of each zone?

8. What systems are being implemented to help Alt-o-holics feel like their characters can catch up in a reasonable amount of time?

9. What is being done to restore a sense of community to the game, and to remove the isolation many felt in Warlords of Draenor’s garrisons?

10. Are you considering what to do to make weapons still feel cool after we have Artifacts in Legion? Some might be concerned about going back to standard weapons after having access to spec specific Artifact weapons.

11. What aspect of Legion are you most excited about?

12. Is there an update on cross-realm guilds or the possibility of being in multiple guilds as discussed at Blizzcon?