The Dread Wastes is unlike anything we have seen in World of Warcraft, with its giant Sha-corrupted bonsai trees. The Mantid inhabit the place for milennia.

At Klaxxi’vess, a Mantid faction asks you to help them overthrow the maddened Mantid Queen. The Klaxxi is a council charged with taking down any Queen that sets to ruin the empire. In this case, the queen has been corrupted by the Sha of Fear. With your help, the Klaxxi is able to locate and awaken several paragon champions who were put to hibernation about 800 years ago with the task of been awakened in times of need for the Mantid race.

Later on, after you have completed the Klaxxi faction quests, you are led to the doorway of the Heart of Fear. It’s a massive tree with a mantid structure at its base. A dungeon portal can be seen at the bottom. It’s going to be an end-game lvl 90 raid dungeon.

The Rikkitun Village is inhabited by sprites and fey dragons. On the northeastern corner, a large army of Mantid are using catapults to throw down the gates of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. There’s actually a dungeon atop the gates: The Gate of the Setting Sun.

On the southeast, I found huge scorpids lvl 90 Elite. Plenty enough for a farming spot. Wonder what these might drop for loot. There’s a intense sets of questlines in the Dread Wastes with lots of achievements for completing those questlines. It’s a heavy story-driven expansion that fans might want to experience. Check out our video exploration video (available in 1080HD & 720HD).