The Brewing Storm scenario dungeon is actually a location in the Jade Forest, near the Dawn Blossom.

You can queue at the lower tier of your faction’s Valley of the Eternal Blossom capital city or through your dungeon finder’s scenario tab.

Scenarios can be done with two or three players.

Stage 1: Make Boomer’s Brew

The objective of stage 1 is to defend the brew. Once Brewmaster Blanche begins the preparation of her brew, the player has to be aware of several elements to survive stage 1.

  • Five sticks: A lightning bolt will land randomly in one of the five sticks around Brewmaster Blanche. When the lightning bolt lands, a circular electric aoe can be seen on the ground. The player has to move away from this (causes 5-65k damage).

  • Waves of Viletongue Skirmishers: These will keep coming nonstop in batches of three or four. They have 393k health.

  • Brewkeg: There are five brewkeg around Brewmaster Blanche. When a lightning bolt strikes a stick, a nearby brewkeg will catch fire. Click the brewkeg to splash water.

  • Healing: Brewmaster Blanche will place a green healing circle on the ground. Keep an eye for it when it spawns. It’s a lifesaver.

    The idea of Stage 1 is not necessarily to kill every single mob. It’s to click the brewkegs to prevent them from catching fire. The more brewkegs on fire you click, the faster Stage 1 ends. If you need to root, fear, or incapacitate or slow down one or two viletongue, go for it. As soon as Stage 1 ends, all of them leave.

    Stage 2: Road to Thunderpaw

    The next stage objective is to “Escort Blanche down Thunderpaw Road”.

    As you go down the road you will get ambushed by groups of two Viletongue. At the juncture, more keep climbing the cliff to engage you. Keep an eye for those green healing circles Brewmaster Blanche puts on the ground — especially tanks should move to these and taunt mobs to benefit from the heals instead of blindly charging and missing the welcome heal AOE.

    Final Stage: Save Thunderpaw Refuge

    The objective is to Defeat Borokhula the Destroyer.

    This is a massive Viletongue mob. He will summon several mobs during the fight. These can be dealt with through the addition of an onscreen button that shows up during the encounter.

    A message alerts you; “Use the Boomer Brew to zap saurok minions!”

    Borokhula has an ability that rises spikes from the ground. Look out for red circles or dust clouds on the ground. Spikes will come two seconds afterwards inflicting a lot of damage (video available in 1080HD and 720HD).