A new portal has appeared in Stomrwind in beta build 18566. This portal can be found on the mountains right next to the Mage Quarter. Other than a flightmaster mount, and a few tents there is no NPCs. The portal resembles that inside the Wizard’s Sanctum.

I couldn’t find an equivalent of this portal anywhere in Orgrimmar, or around Orgrimmar.


UPDATE: Dave Kosak hinted in Tweeter the mysterious portal might be used to teleport players to a dungeon. @TheRedShirtGuy informed me there is a dungeon named Everbloom in Gorgrond with similar vines and Kirin Tor tents — but that’s unconfirmed at the moment. Still, a good observation.


In this patch, you can now assign Followers to your Profession buildings at the Garrison, and you can swap buildings on garrison slots.