Sounds like prophecy, red herring, or just flavor text. But what if… what if we overthinked it to give it a spin, and see what happens?

During the Death Rising (Week 2) quest: Secrets in Shadows, we enter Mord’rethar: The Death Gate in Icecrown to explore under disguise among the Cult of the Damned what they are up to. There we meet Herald Dalora, some kind of Forsworn (Kyrian serving Death aka The Jailer). Her words are interesting. The Jailer is coming for the soul of Azeroth.

I mean, we just saved the soul of Azeroth from N’Zoth, and recombined her Azerite through the Heart of Azeroth necklace. Now this nefarious figure from The Maw in the Shadowlands wants to feast on the soul of Azeroth.

This reminded me of Argus the Unmaker in Antorus, the Burning Throne — in the World of Warcraft: Legion raid. The Overview says this about Argus the Unmaker:

Bound. Broken. Eons of existence, knowing only pain. A shattered soul, fueling infinite evil. The master beckons. Rise… Rise! Begin the end of all things. The Speaker has heard the anguished whispers of the Unmaker, an emerald star calling out from the darkness. Little is known of him, only that his once-noble soul has been twisted by ages of endless torment.

Hmm. So Argus is the soul of the planet. The “female reference” by Magni refers to the soul of Azeroth.

Magni: I can hear the cries o’ the world beneath my feet. Azeroth trembles in pain! We must find a way tae ease her sufferin’…

If the Jailer is coming for the soul of Azeroth, and for some twist of fate he became successful directly or indirectly (through a minion)… what would be the fate of Azeroth? How does “the soul” of a planet — be it Argus or Azeroth — works?

The Burning Legion used Argus to fuel infinite evil. In an alternate future, the Old gods use Azeroth to fuel their Black Empire through the cosmos. So… the question is… can the soul of a planet be replaced with the soul of an important powerful living person?

Kinda like the Lich King. There must always be a Lich King. So to speak.

Let’s say the Jailor and Sylvanas are successful at the end of Shadowlands, and their goal of ending or feasting on the soul of Azeroth. Who could be brave enough live Bolvar upon the death of Arthas to take the mantle of the soul of Azeroth?

  • Thrall?
  • Magni?
  • Tyrande?
  • Malfurion?
  • Bolvar?
  • Baine?
  • Medivh?
  • Khadgar?
  • Jaina?
  • Varian’s soul?

There are many names that can come to mind if the need arises to replace the soul of Azeroth, should the Jailor was successful.

In the meantime, Herald Dalora’s words echo through the halls of Mord’rethar: The Death Gate leaving us mortals to ponder:

“His power rising… his chains broken. The remaking has begun! The hour draws near when the Banished One shall reclaim what is his. Death comes for the soul of this world. Make ready! Feed the lives of the unworthy to the hungering Maw!”

Hmm. The hour draws near when the Jailor shall reclaim what is his. Death comes for the soul of Azeroth. Looks at the empty void in the Jailor’s chest. Could whatever is at the bottom of the Maelstrom… aka the Well of Eternity… the piece that’s missing in the Jailor’s chest?

Of course, to us, the Well of Eternity is merely water. But look at Anveena and the Sunwell… one and the same. That was not just mere water if it could take on the form of a living thing. The Well of Eternity could as well be a construct that takes on any shape. Like a heart.

In Diablo, the Worldstone is meant to be the Eye of Anu. Yet, the Archangels and the Prime Evils have used it throughout millennias to build new worlds, reshape creation to their whims. Until Inarius stole the Worldstone and created a new world beyond the veil of reality, and stealthed it from view of both parties engaged in the Eternal Conflict.

So hear me out. I think the Well of Eternity — which likely powers the Soul of Azeroth, or is the Soul of Azeroth… was stolen from The Jailor. Carved out of his chest. The Titans eventually inherit the artifact from the First Ones, and in their travels throughout the universe (creating new worlds or reshaping them into the image of Order) eventually land on the world that would one day be known as Azeroth. The Titans battled the Old gods and their lieutenants. Won through attrition, having losses of their own. Chained the Old gods, and used them to fuel the machine of life upon the world. Reshaped Azeroth. seeded the world, and planted the Jailor artifact in the depths of the Well of Eternity.

Whether to hide it, or other motive… I don’t know. But heck, it would make a badass way to flesh out the Warcraft mythos.