Blizzard Entertainment released today the third part of the AFTERLIVES animated series — AFTERLIVES: ARDENWEALD.

The story starts with a Nightmare-corrupted Ursoc fighting the heroes of Azeroth and dying.

This is quite peculiar, because the Ursoc encounter took place in the Emerald Nightmare Raid in World of Warcraft: Legion.

Chronologically, Ysera died first in Val’sharah. The Emerald Nightmare Raid happened some time later.

It was shortly after Ursoc arrived that the anima drought started to affect Ara’lon’s grove where he nourished Ursoc’s anima seed.

That means Ysera arrived to Ardenweald first and she was deemed worthy to continue to be nourished, while Ursoc — who arrived shortly after Ysera — was not. But off course, Ursoc didn’t have a recommendation memo from Elune herself for accommodations in the afterlife.

The question is: what happens to the souls harbored in Ardenweald when they are let go due to the drought — especially when the Arbiter is… dormant and not able to judge the souls to assign them a realm within the Shadowlands?

Is Ursoc’s soul trapped in The Maw? Will we find him there?

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