LiquidSky launched today the new client for Mac OS X users. Basically, Mac players can now play PC games on their Mac in the Cloud, and if your Mac OS doesn’t support the latest Mac games, you can now play them in the Cloud. The LiquidSky servers handle the CPU/GPU intensive tasks and stream the game back to you in real-time.

Better yet, Mac users can play Overwatch now!!!

LiquidSky Beta Mac

The LiquidSky for Mac client is coming on July 7th. Let’s say you have a Mac, but you have always wanted to play that awesome game that is exclusively available for PC computers. Cough: Overwatch.

On July 7, you install the LiquidSky for Mac, install the Launcher in the LiquidSky cloud server.

Download Overwatch. Launch the game, and start playing Overwatch or any other PC-exclusive-game on your Mac.

The basics of cloud gaming is that all the CPU and GPU intensive tasks are handled by the LiquidSky server then streamed to your Mac computer.

if your CPU or graphic card is old and it can’t handle some of the latest most advanced games, now it can.

Better yet, LiquidSky plans to launch the iOS version at a later time, and when that happens you can bring your PC/Mac games to the iPad anywhere.

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LiquidSky for Mac


LiquidSky is coming to Mac Devices soon and we’re really excited about it.

Watch the coming soon video here and share it with your friends that own Mac devices so they can get excited about accessing a full Windows desktop in the cloud to play their favorite PC games in the cloud.




Correction: Windows 8.1 (not 10).

liquidsky-logo-450x450bLiquidSky has evolved over the past year since the last time I wrote an article about their service. They revamped their cloud service software from the ground up. These past months, although they had the PC client for Windows, they had only Ubuntu and Steam OS installed in the cloud. Hours ago, they announced on Reddit that Windows 8.1 is now installed in the cloud as an option, along with SteamOS. (Note: Ubuntu will be disable a few weeks)

I launched my account, and installed World of Warcraft: Legion and Heroes of the Storm in my 50GB allocation within LiquidSky servers. Then launched World of Warcraft: Legion and changed the settings to Ultra.

The video below is only an exploration video flying from Azsuna to Stormheim, to Highmountain and to Val’sharah — trying to overwhelm LiquidSky’s CPU/GPU and to stress the cloud-streaming lag. There were a few hiccups here and there, but overall I’m loving to play video games in LiquidSky. I could hardly move my character at Ultra settings on my current EVGA X58/Intel i7 Core-920 (2.67 GHz)/EVGA NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti Boost setup, but streaming the game from the cloud at Ultra feels much better.

After a while, I launched Heroes of the Storm. Changed settings to Ultra — which I am not able in my current PC setup. Looks great in LiquidSky, but there is currently a bug that I think must be corrected by Blizzard Entertainment, rather than by LiquidSky. Basically, you can press F12 to toggle mouse configuration in LiquidSky, but the mouse cursor becomes invisible. It won’t let me target players. It was difficult to toggle F12 to move the camera, then toggle F12 again to see the mouse cursor to target and attack players, then toggle F12 to move the camera to either chase or flee, etc.

In World of Warcraft, you can fix that problem by going to Settings — Advanced, then disable Hardware Cursor. That allows you to see the in-game cursor. Heroes of the Storm doesn’t have that settings option. I’ll email Blizzard to add a Hardware Cursor (disable checkbox) to Heroes of the Storm to address that issue in LiquidSky. Otherwise, it’s awesome to play games over the cloud, and it’s still in beta testing, so there’s room for improvement.

LiquidSky app is available currently for PC (Windows) and Android at LiquidSky.TV with paid-sessions. However, the Downloads page states there will be other platforms to be supported soon.

LiquidSky added Windows 8.1


Here you can see their current service plan pricings:



Below you can watch about an hour of gameplay between Legion and Heroes of the Storm (with the bugged cursor issue). I’ll soon post a new article playing World of Warcraft: Legion from my NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet using the LiquidSky Android app. (NOTE: video is 4GB — available in 1080HD at 60FPS)


LiquidSky (cloud gaming) announced the launch of their Linux alpha testing. You may download the client here.

The Mac & iOS clients are almost ready for Alpha testing. Stay tuned.

The Linux client still has some bugs but is ready for some Alpha testing =)

If you decide to test this, please know that it is in the early stages and has only been tested on a few different devices and GPU’s. Please post whatever issues you encounter here (unless security related) and keep us all posted =)



LiquidSky has released optimized CUDA decoders for the cloud gaming PC client. The company is also actively working on optimizing AMD and Intel decoders to launch it at a later time for beta testers. However, AMD and Intel will work in the current PC client, but will be a better experience once optimized.

You can download the PC client here.

If you haven’t followed my previous articles about what LiquidSky is, and my hands-on experience previews, LiquidSky is a new company of a very few programmers building a cloud server service from the ground up. It is been in available to beta testers for the past few months. By 2016, when the service launches, the plan is to allow users to subscribe for a monthly fee to a drive space (i.e. 1TB), with the ability to download video games into your cloud server at 70-300MBps speeds, and to play the games from within the cloud. The game is streamed to your tablet or PC and all the CPU and GPU computing is performed in the cloud servers.

Basically, no need to keep upgrading your computer, you can free up your PC’s hard drive for anything from photos and videos, and just keep your hundreds of Gigabytes worth of video games in the cloud. That can certainly speed up your PC, and free up space in your Tablet.

Now how about playing World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm in your Tablet? That’s no myth. I played World of Warcraft and Diablo III in my NVIDIA SHIELD Android tablet.

To get a grasp on what all this means, if your computer currently can’t play Crysis 3 or any of the high-end CPU/GPU intensive video games out there, your computer can now play them in the cloud. You don’t need to meet that video game system requirements. Happy news for you.

I recommend everyone to go download the beta client. The service is sometimes down for prolonged periods of time when the developers need to work and fix something, but just check out their Reddit page for any updates.


For the past few weeks after LiquidSky gave me VIP access to the SkyOS 2.0 (Alpha) client, I have been so excited and hopeful for this small team, their technology and their vision.

I am a true-believer of gaming in the cloud. Remember that time when I said I was downloading World of Warcraft’s 28GB of data at over 70MB – 100MB/s? I launched the client tonight.

First thing I did was to launch Google Chrome, and went to to see exactly what the download / upload is. I am currently paying about $40.00 to my new ISP, for 50MB/s download and 25MB/s upload. I see this speed graphic, and I can’t but say: “OMG I want this thing to be public launched now. I don’t care if it was buggy, it is just AWESOME!”

Before I finished the first paragraph above, SkyOS 2.0 had already downloaded all 28GB of the World of Warcraft PTR 6.2. I saw the popup window saying I could play. Imagine the possibilities. Playing High-End video games at max settings in any old computer, with 36ms latency, blazing-fast downloads; or watching Netflix without a single buffering in an old computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista, and a mere 10MB/s internet speed. Load SkyOS, and it doesn’t matter how old your computer is… you can do the same as someone with a T3 and with most-expensive graphic card. The possibilities are endless. I am so glad for the millions of people around the world able to benefit from this service once it goes public.

Ever been jealous of those people with Google Fiber? This cloud service is like giving you the opportunity of having access to a slim version of Google Fiber. You access LiquidSky’s servers remotely from your computer. Download your stuff into Google Drive or Dropbox with their 300MB/s speeds. You could potentially downgrade your ISP plan to get the cheapest download/upload plan — saving money in the process. Get a good Google Drive Gigabyte or Terabyte plan instead to download stuff there.

Delete all your video games, and download them into the LiquidSky cloud servers instead; allowing you to save space in your hard disk for something else: like video editing. You can play all your video games in your old computer, in the tablet, or any of the devices that LiquidSky plans to support (Android, PC, iOS, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, HMTL5, Windows Phone, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, VIZIO Smart TV, and Raspberri Pi).

More important: NO VIRUSES for as long as you use any browser through the SkyOS. Technically, cookies won’t be able to track you anymore either. It’s a firewall. A VPN. There are so many benefits with cloud gaming. It is the future now.

The Android version is coming within a few weeks. I really hope many of you are able to join beta testing. Register here for email updates. Spread the word and earn beta points.

I’ll begin playing World of Warcraft PTR 6.2 through SkyOS 2.0 to bring you some photos and video of Tanaan Jungle. Stay tuned.

Note: NVIDIA will ship a Shield tablet to me very soon, so expect an article about the tablet, and a round up of how SkyOS 2.0 Android looks like with the NVIDIA Shield tablet. Follow the link above to join SkyOS 2.0 beta testing. The Android client will be available very soon. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates once the Android client is available.

UPDATE 12/29: LiquidSky responded to my tweet. The reason the World of Warcraft and Diablo III launcher icons were retired from the LiquidSky platform is that they are currently fixing a few bugs. Both games will be available again after they fix these bugs. This step-by-step guide won’t be needed afterwards.



LiquidSky is currently in beta, and things aren’t in place or optimal as the cloud service is still in development. At the moment of this posting, they have Hearthstone, Steam and League of Legends in the Games Library.

For some reason they no longer have World of Warcraft and Diablo III in the library. That might be temporary and available from “MY GAMES” later, but for now there is a workaround to find the World of Warcraft folder within your LiquidSky account. Check out our step-by-step guide. Read More

Ever wanted to play World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III or Hearthstone at your job but the computer locks you out from installing anything?

Ever wanted to play a Blizzard game on the bus, in the airplane, in the train, anywhere but you have no laptop or your computer is miles away?

Do you have an Android tablet, iPad or other type of tablet? Then you can certainly play any Blizzard game on it.

I met Ian during my visit to the New York Comic Con 2014 a few months ago, and he gave me this nice intro to his company and its goal. I have kept tabs on them for a while, and now they have come out of Alpha and want people to join their beta to stress test and squash bugs. Lag is common, but they are working on it.

So what’s LiquidSky? It is a cloud-based web platform. They have the video games on their servers, and run all the GPU/CPU processes. All you have to do is download the Android App. Then login and play the video games on your tablet. Simple as that.

Even if you have an old computer who can’t run the newest Blizzard games, just play them through Firefox. No CPU/GPU effort on your end.

So far they support Android Tablets. I’m not so sure about iPad, but last time I checked they were working on iPad support. Apple wasn’t too happy with the App, so they are re-working it. However, you can play using an iPad browser (buggy, but playable).

How can I access LiquidSky on mobile?
For Android users, just download our free app. We had an iOS app but Apple was a little cranky. If you have an iPhone, just go to our website through a browser. The experience isn’t perfect on iPhone, but we’re working hard on it. If you have a Windows phone…. hahaha, just kidding. As for any other devices, use any HTML5 web browser and head to the site!

“We also seek to provide users with a lightning fast internet experience. No more buffering videos, viruses, slow downloads, or blocked websites. Three of the main problems surrounding the consumer thin-client or cloud gaming world have been latency, input, and catalog. We have solved all three.”


Currently, among their library is World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone and other non-Blizzard games.

Sign up to LiquidSky Beta. My application was approved, and only 361 slots are available in this wave of beta invites.