LiquidSky has released optimized CUDA decoders for the cloud gaming PC client. The company is also actively working on optimizing AMD and Intel decoders to launch it at a later time for beta testers. However, AMD and Intel will work in the current PC client, but will be a better experience once optimized.

You can download the PC client here.

If you haven’t followed my previous articles about what LiquidSky is, and my hands-on experience previews, LiquidSky is a new company of a very few programmers building a cloud server service from the ground up. It is been in available to beta testers for the past few months. By 2016, when the service launches, the plan is to allow users to subscribe for a monthly fee to a drive space (i.e. 1TB), with the ability to download video games into your cloud server at 70-300MBps speeds, and to play the games from within the cloud. The game is streamed to your tablet or PC and all the CPU and GPU computing is performed in the cloud servers.

Basically, no need to keep upgrading your computer, you can free up your PC’s hard drive for anything from photos and videos, and just keep your hundreds of Gigabytes worth of video games in the cloud. That can certainly speed up your PC, and free up space in your Tablet.

Now how about playing World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm in your Tablet? That’s no myth. I played World of Warcraft and Diablo III in my NVIDIA SHIELD Android tablet.

To get a grasp on what all this means, if your computer currently can’t play Crysis 3 or any of the high-end CPU/GPU intensive video games out there, your computer can now play them in the cloud. You don’t need to meet that video game system requirements. Happy news for you.

I recommend everyone to go download the beta client. The service is sometimes down for prolonged periods of time when the developers need to work and fix something, but just check out their Reddit page for any updates.