Ever wanted to play World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III or Hearthstone at your job but the computer locks you out from installing anything?

Ever wanted to play a Blizzard game on the bus, in the airplane, in the train, anywhere but you have no laptop or your computer is miles away?

Do you have an Android tablet, iPad or other type of tablet? Then you can certainly play any Blizzard game on it.

I met Ian during my visit to the New York Comic Con 2014 a few months ago, and he gave me this nice intro to his company and its goal. I have kept tabs on them for a while, and now they have come out of Alpha and want people to join their beta to stress test and squash bugs. Lag is common, but they are working on it.

So what’s LiquidSky? It is a cloud-based web platform. They have the video games on their servers, and run all the GPU/CPU processes. All you have to do is download the Android App. Then login and play the video games on your tablet. Simple as that.

Even if you have an old computer who can’t run the newest Blizzard games, just play them through Firefox. No CPU/GPU effort on your end.

So far they support Android Tablets. I’m not so sure about iPad, but last time I checked they were working on iPad support. Apple wasn’t too happy with the App, so they are re-working it. However, you can play using an iPad browser (buggy, but playable).

How can I access LiquidSky on mobile?
For Android users, just download our free app. We had an iOS app but Apple was a little cranky. If you have an iPhone, just go to our website through a browser. The experience isn’t perfect on iPhone, but we’re working hard on it. If you have a Windows phone…. hahaha, just kidding. As for any other devices, use any HTML5 web browser and head to the site!

“We also seek to provide users with a lightning fast internet experience. No more buffering videos, viruses, slow downloads, or blocked websites. Three of the main problems surrounding the consumer thin-client or cloud gaming world have been latency, input, and catalog. We have solved all three.”


Currently, among their library is World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone and other non-Blizzard games.

Sign up to LiquidSky Beta. My application was approved, and only 361 slots are available in this wave of beta invites.