What We Got

Gazlowe: Every fortress needs 3 things.

One: peons! Find Skaggit and have him get our peons back to work.

Two: building materials. Lady Sena is around here somewhere. She should have some leftover materials from the initial construction that we can use.

And three: a plan! We ain’t building nothin’ without the blueprints to build them. I left some plans for a barracks near one of the larger plots. Grab ’em, learn ’em, and come see me when you are done.

Quest Objectives

Have Skaggit get the peons working, collect lady Sena’s Stash of Stone, find and learn Gazlowe’s missing blueprints.



Skaggit: Commander, your pack of of peons awaits your orders.


(Get the peons back to work.)

Skaggit: You got it. One fully armed and operational army of motivated peons coming right up.

(Instruct Skaggit to release the peons: 1/1)


Lady Sena: BOLD! Is that what this plot says to you, Commander? No! It does not! But then this is why I was hired.

Using these medium plots we can build a striking array of structures like … an Inn! Yes, an Inn. Or perhaps a lumber mill or arena.

The sky is the limit, as is the width and length.

(Gazlowe needs your extra construction materials)

Lady Sena: Gazlowe thinks I am holding out on him? The nerve! Here, this is everything we have leftover.

Mister Pleeb: But, my lady, what about our reserve in the pon-

Lady Sena: Hush you.


Note: The blueprint is on a table by the nearby plot, just northeast of Lady Sena. Few steps away from her.


When hovering the mouse cursor over the blueprint a tooltip says: “Garrison Blueprint: Barracks Level 1.”




Gazlowe: If buildin’ a stronghold were easy, everybody’d be doin’ it.

Yeah, that’s the stuff. Lumber, stone, blueprints. It’s like we are building you a stronghold or something.

Rewards: Material x 20


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue below the Story Achievement: Foothold in a Savage Land.

1.Out of the Fire, Into the Frost9.What We Got
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5.Back to Work13.We need an Army
6.A Gronnling Problem14.Olin Umberhide
7.The Den of Skog15.Mission Probable
8.Establish Your Garrison
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