What We Need

Gazlowe: I heard you guys hi-jacked and wrecked a ship on your way out of Tanaan.

It’s like my daddy always said: One man’s wreck is another goblin’s workshop.

You should head down to the coast west of the garrison and see if you can’t find any materials we might salvage. Oh, and uh… should probably watch yourself. I hear there are ogre raiders in the area.


Quest Objectives

Collect 10 Drudgeboat Salvage.

Reward: Material x 15



Gazlowe: How’s the salvage operation comin’?

Hey… now that is some nice salvage. Say what you will about the Iron Horde, but they got some serious raw materials to work with.


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue below the Story Achievement: Foothold in a Savage Land.

1.Out of the Fire, Into the Frost9.What We Got
2.A Song of Frost and Fire10.What We Need
3.Of Wolves and Warriors11.We Require More Materials
4.For the Horde!12.Build Your Barracks
5.Back to Work13.We need an Army
6.A Gronnling Problem14.Olin Umberhide
7.The Den of Skog15.Mission Probable
8.Establish Your Garrison
1.The Ogron Live?
2.Wanted: Grondo's Bounty
Garrison: Darkspear's Edge Quests
1.We Be Needin' Supplies4.Frosted Fury
2.Poulticide5.The Real Prey
Garrison: Alchemy Follower
1.A Mysterious Flask4.Honor and Remember
2.The Alchemist5.Avenge and Reclaim
3.The Apprentice6.Ang'kra the Alchemist
Garrison: Fishing Follower
1.Looking For Help2.Fire Ammonite
Garrison: Scenarios
1.Breakers Invasion