Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker: The LEgion still thinks us crippled from the Broken Shore: they think we are unable to fight back.

Let’s prove them wrong.

We’ve been hard at work mapping out the Broken Isles, learning everything we can about each region for our imminent assault.

Once you’ve had a chance to peruse the map, you should leave for Dalaran at once and charge into the maw of the beast.

We will end this madness for good – Light help us all.

A Sound Plan


Quest Objectives

Select your first assault point on the Broken Isles.



NOTE: At the moment, this feature is disabled in the current Legion Alpha build. This page will be updated once the upcoming patch enables the feature.



1. The Fate of Azeroth
2. Weapons of Legend
tank-icon Protectiondps-icon Retributionhealer-icon Holy
A. The Seeker of TruthA. The Search for the HighlordA. The Mysterious Paladin
B. To NorthrendB. The Brother's Trail
C. The End of the SagaC. The Silver Hand
D. Shrine of the Truthguard
3. We Meet at Light's Hope
4. A United Force
5. Hand of the Highlord
6. Forging the Highblade
7. Logistical Matters
8. A Sound Plan
Class Artifacts Questlines


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