NOTE: This quest makes a reference to World of Warcraft: Dawn of the Aspects (by Richard A. Knaak). This questline also reveals a secret paladin order that no one has heard of before. The text revealing more about the “Tyr’s Guard” order is not implemented yet in Legion alpha, but I’ll make sure to share with you when it is added. In short, this order has been guardian Tyr’s Tomb and tracking artifacts about him throughout Azeroth.

The Brother’s Trail

Travard: I have decided it is time to reclaim the Silver Hand before those with evil intent can unlock it. In order to free it from the wards we will need these relics: Sparks of Tyr. I have one, but my brother, galford, had the other. He went on a pilgrimage to Northrend to discover more secrets of Tyr, but never returned. I would like you to retrace his footsteps from Wyrmrest Temple and find his Spark.



Quest Objectives

Go to Dragonblight in Northrend and find galford and his Spark of Tyr.



Travard: I believe he spoke with a Lanigosa at Wyrmrest Temple. I would start with her. I will prepare a strike force for the tomb.

NOTE: Go to the center of Dalaran to The Portrait Room, and take the portal to Wyrmrest Temple.


Lanigosa: Hello, paladin. I sense you have business with me.

(I do. I heard you helped a paladin recently. His name was galford. Could you tell me where he went?)

Lanigosa: Oh yes! A very serious sort he was, asking about stories of Tyr, the titan keeper. I told him of the battle between Galakrond and Tyr. Kalecgos had said he saw Tyr’s severed hand at Galakrond’s Rest. Galford got very excited and left. Is he okay?

(In truth I do not know. I will seek him out.)



Lanigosa: Oh that’s very unfortunate. Galakrond’s Rest is still a dangerous place. I hope your friend is alright.


NOTE: The mini-map will mark the first clue — a campfire.

Friendly Taunka Spirit: He carried a spark of Tyr with him. A very small one, but it drew him here, and drew others to him.



NOTE: Next clue is a broken sword beneath Galakrond’s skeleton.

Friendly Taunka Spirit: It showed him the loss of Tyr’s hand, and how the drakes tried to help, but only other keepers could save him. One keeper in particular.



NOTE: The last clue is a Broken Statue. There is a note too.

Friendly Taunka Spirit: Your friend learned of the keeper’s companion, forever wandering the path. He chased after the giant, catching up to it at a chasm, catching up to his fate.

Carelessly Dropped Note

I don’t know why we never came to Northrend before, ancient warnings be damned! The spark has… memories! I’ve seen amazing things about our history! It has led me here, and showed me memories of Tyr being aided by a companion. Jotun helped replace Tyr’s hand, rework his warhammer with Tyr’s new symbol. He’s still alive too, wandering this broken pathway. It’s time to meet this Jotun, maybe he will recognize the spark!



Lanigosa: I’ve been looking all over for you, have you found… oh no… I am truly sorry for your friend, he looks crushed. What could have…

Jotun: Leave this area! Loken’s curse forces me to slay the allies of Tyr. Until he comes to collect Tyr’s essence. I must defend it!

Lanigosa: He has never been aggressive before, perhaps we should leave. What say you? I can see there is more going on here than I understand. What are you doing, (name)?

(I was sent here to find Galford, he had a relic of Tyr when he came here. Now Jotun has it. I need the relic to claim Tyr’s warhammer, will you help me?)

Lanigosa: Tyr’s warhammer? I do not know if I can face a titan keeper, but with your help, I will try!



Jotun: You leave me no choice! I must destroy you!

Jotun: The pain. I am free… for the moment. Loken’s enchantment won’t let me die, we only have a moment before I must continue Loken’s aggression. Here, the spark. Take it and flee. I know my friend is dead, keep his memory alive.

Lanigosa: If you desire I can take you back. I will return for Galford after Jotun has calmed down.



Travard: Galford… a terrible loss. You have the Spark though, and I have the other. We must press on.


The Brother’s Trail


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2. Weapons of Legend
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A. The Seeker of TruthA. The Search for the HighlordA. The Mysterious Paladin
B. To NorthrendB. The Brother's Trail
C. The End of the SagaC. The Silver Hand
D. Shrine of the Truthguard
3. We Meet at Light's Hope
4. A United Force
5. Hand of the Highlord
6. Forging the Highblade
7. Logistical Matters
8. A Sound Plan
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