Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: Somewhere out there Tirion is fading away… and the Ashbringer with him. We must not waste another moment. Give the word and we’ll set off – we’re ready when you are.

The Search for the Highlord


Quest Objectives

Recover Tirion Fordring and the Ashbringer from the Broken Shore.



Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: You brave souls have been chosen to strike into the depths of hell itself to rescue Highlord Tirion. This is your last chance to turn back. Ready yourselves, men – the Broken Shore awaits. We leave on (name)’s command.

NOTE: Click the Hyppogryph standing next to Lord Maxwell Tyrosus to begin the scenario.


Discovered: The Shattered Edge.

Fly to the Broken Shore: 1/1

STAGE 1: Sounding the Charge — Lead the paladins of the Argent Crusade into battle.

The demons before us are all that stand between us and the Ashbringer. Regardless of the outcome, our families will know that we fought for the freedom and safety of our world. We move on our champion’s command.


New Objective: Lead the paladins of the Argent Crusade into battle.


NOTE: There is a Argent War Horn icon below the objective, but in alpha it’s not working. I started the event by attacking a random demon. All the paladins followed suit and attacked in unison afterwards.


STAGE 2: Crusader’s March — Destroy the demon army.

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: Argent Crusade – CHARGE!



Jailer Zerus: Such Arrogance… must be punished.

Jailer Zerus: Infernals – crush them.



Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: Champion, we must persevere!


STAGE 3: Holy Vengeance — Destroy Jailer Zerus and save Highlord Tirion Fordring.

Jailer Zerus: Scorch the earth behind us, I must finish breaking our… guest.

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: The fiends have Tirion! We have to act quickly. Champion, I’ll signal for our hippogryph riders to get our fallen to Light’s Hope Chapel. You must forge ahead and find the Highlord!



NOTE: Tyrosus, I really need a wage raise and a better health insurance plan …



Stormwind Soldier: No, please! No!

Jailer Zerus: You mortals are so vain… so arrogant. You will suffer for your hubris.

Stormwind Soldier: Light… save me…

Jailer Zerus: The sundering of this one’s soul has been… taxing. But he will be ours soon.

Highlord Tirion Fordring: NO! The Light burns in my heart… I will NEVER surrender!



Jailer Zerus: You will suffer for a thousand lifetimes.

Highlord Tirion Fordring: (Name)! By the Light… you must vanquish this foul demon!

Jailer Zerus: Insignificant gnat. I will enjoy breaking you.


STAGE 4: The Ashbringer — Find the Ashbringer within the Lost Temple.

Highlord Tirion Fordring: Leave me… you must hurry before more come. Go!



NOTE: Look for these two torches to find a narrow grotto entrance.



Discovered: The Lost Temple

NOTE: The grotto has 3 Ravenous Felstalkers, then two Wrathguard Cleaver + one Eredar Deathspeaker.


Wrathguard Cleaver: The mortal approaches the Ashbringer. To arms!

Eredar Deathspeaker: We have failed… Lord Balna…

Balnazzar: Ah, the Light’s greatest champion has arrived to claim the holy Ashbringer and lay waste to my kin. They say only the pure of heart can wield the highblade. Come, champion – claim your destiny.



You receive loot: [Ashbringer]



STAGE 5: Balnazzar the Risen — Defeat Balnazzar.

Balnazzar: I’ve been waiting for you, paladin. Know that I will rip the soul from your flesh and make your body my own. Know that I am Balnazzar. Know that you are but a pawn in plans beyond your reckoning. Burn everything, my pets. Leave only ash. Enough. Never again will that damned blade slay my brethren! YOU… WILL… DIE!

FINAL STAGE: The Fate of the Highlord – Return to Tirion Fordring.

Balnazzar: You think this is over, paladin? Our journey together has just begun…

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: (Name), you must come quickly. Tirion called for you by name – I fear he does not have long for this world. Hurry! We have to get out of here before more demons come. Quickly, the Highlord is just outside the temple.

Highlord Tirion Fordring: (Name)… come closer…



Highlord Tirion Fordring: You must… take up the blade… you must… stop the Legion… You must become… the Ashbringer…

Highlord Tirion Fordring’s last light fades.

NOTE: Tirion dies.

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: You will be missed, brother.

Obtain the Ashbringer: 1/1

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: We must go to Light’s Hope Chapel at once. Highlord Fordring deserves to be put to rest amongst the ancient heroes of the Light buried there.

NOTE: Mount the Argent Hyppogryph to end the scenario.



Return to Dalaran: 1/1


Location: Krasus’ Landing (Dalaran)

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: We gave everything for the Ashbringer – you gave everything, (name). Tirion would be proud to see you wielding that blade.

How do I get to Light’s Hope Chapel?

The Kirin Tor have established a portal in a chamber beneath the city to Dalaran’s former home in the Hillsbrad Foothills – Light’s Hope is a short ride from there.

There are teleportation pads in Runeweaver Square that will take you to the chamber. I have marked one on your map.




Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: I thought we were all going to die back there. I owe you my life, (name).


The Search for the Highlord


1. The Fate of Azeroth
2. Weapons of Legend
tank-icon Protectiondps-icon Retributionhealer-icon Holy
A. The Seeker of TruthA. The Search for the HighlordA. The Mysterious Paladin
B. To NorthrendB. The Brother's Trail
C. The End of the SagaC. The Silver Hand
D. Shrine of the Truthguard
3. We Meet at Light's Hope
4. A United Force
5. Hand of the Highlord
6. Forging the Highblade
7. Logistical Matters
8. A Sound Plan
Class Artifacts Questlines


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