Orik Trueheart: Ye should read the saga yerself, it’s right here. So, we’re here to speak to the spirit of that vrykul I was talking about before. Tahu Sagewind is a powerful Seer and has said he should be able to bring this spirit back. It will be up to us to convince him to speak. You should speak with Tahu so we can get started.



Quest Objectives

Get the end of the story from the spirit of the saga writer.



Saga of the Shield Seeker

After learning the legend of the shield was true, I, Gorvold, will find it. I have discovered that Tyr and his followers were not killed here, but escaped south. I do not know why our master lied, but he no longer takes an interest in our affairs. We set sail in a week to scour a continent. I will not be denied.

I have arrived in a new land with our quarry spotted. Stunted vrykul that followed Tyr have settled here. It appears Loken sent deadly allies after Tyr and a great battle was fought here. The shieldbearer did not stay though but wandered the sea again with some of the others of our kind. I have a hint of where they might be from the legends of the fallen ones here.

(this page is written by a different hand.)

My father returned empty-handed and maddened by this failure. All he would say is that he failed the test. He threw himself into the minor conflicts that arise here until he was slain in battle. I believe he found the shield in his years long journey, but he took that secret with him to his grave.



Tahu Sagewind: I greet you, (name). I am glad to help.

(Orik says you can speak to the spirits, how do we begin?)

Tahu Sagewind: I misjudged how long ago this happened. I will need more time to prepare myself for the ritual. In the meantime, I have attuned this stone to the scroll Orik brought. Certain graves will glow to your mind’s eye. Go to them and concentrate on the stone to see if you have found the correct grave. We want the writer himself not a descendent, or ancestor.



The stone glows dull, this is the wrong grave. A relative probably.

The stone glows dull, this is the wrong grave. A relative probably.

The stone glows brightly, this is the correct grave.

Tahu Sagewind: We have found you, and you have found the grave.

Orik Trueheart: What is the next step?

Tahu Sagewind: I will begin the ritual. You must focus your will upon the spirit while our friend keeps us safe.



Orik Trueheart: Let’s get to it then.

Gorvold the Looter: I died to ease the pain of my failure, why do you disturbe me?!



Orik Trueheart: I read your saga, where did you find the shield?

Tahu Sagewind: I must answer. I followed it across many lands and seas until I reached an island in Stormheim. There was a tomb for the kings there. For months I tried to enter the shrine, but I was not a follower of Tyr’s path and was denied. I returned in disgrace and tried to cleanse my failure in the blood of others.



Orik Trueheart: We will finish what you started.

Tahu Sagewind: Return to your rest and be disgraced no more.

Orik Trueheart: Thank you Tahu for your help. I will remember this.

Tahu Sagewind: I am glad to have helped. I must go to Netherlight Temple and inform the Cardinal of our success. Good luck.

Orik Trueheart: As for you, let’s get back to Dalaran quick. I’ll meet you there.



Orik Trueheart: Yer back! Sorry to leave so quickly, so much to prepare! I already have a lead on that island. Word around the tavern was a great warrior had broken into a vrykul king’s tomb on an island in Stormheim. That’s got to be the one we’re looking for!


The End of the Saga


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