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Initiate Da-nel: Hey, (name)! Message for you from Grand Master Hight!

(Name)! I have been looking all over this strange city for you!

Grand Master Hight has requested all senior monks to return to the Peak of Serenity as soon as possible. That means you too, of course.

I’ll bet a weeks worth of brew that this has something to do with that assault on the Broken Shore I’ve heard about!

Before the Storm


Quest Objectives

Assist Grand Master Hight at the Peak of Serenity.



NOTE: Cast Zen Pilgrimage and the scenario will auto-start shortly after you teleport.



Location: Shrine of the Ox

STAGE 1: The Council of Masters — An Infernal Destroyer has attacked the gathering! Defeat it before there are any further casualties.

Speak to Master Hight: 1/1

Master Hight: Ah (name), It’s good to see you again. Now that we are all gathered let’s begin. As you all know, the defeat at the Broken Shore was decisive. The loss of so many of our valiant heroes has truly been a great blow. The Burning Legion is a grave threat, we must find a way to stop their assault before all that we hold dear can be…




Master Hight: By the Jade Serpent, what was that?!

Initiate Chuang: Grand Master Hight, (Gasp), Grand Master Hight! A giant… THING appeared in the sky! Demons are appearing every… AHHHHHH!


Master Hight: Chuang!


STAGE 2: The Cry of the Crane — Rescue Master Crane.

Master Hight: Chuang, are you alright? Speak to me!

Initiate Chuang: Oh my head… (cough) The demons… they cut down the students before my eyes! (wheeze) Shouts… coming from the Cave of the Crane… I… I don’t feel so good… (faints).

Iron-Body Ponshu: I’ve got him.

Master Hight: Brace the west door, I don’t want any more surprises bursting in here. Now, let’s see what’s going on out there. No… this cannot be! There are too many of them, we have to evacuate the temple!

Before the Storm


Master Hight: (Name), I need you to rescue any survivors you can find and send them back to the temple. Chuang mentioned the Cave of the Crane so start there. Hurry, we must escape before we are overrun!



Number Nine Jia: Begone you foul creature! I will not allow you to harm any more of our sacred texts! Away with you, monster!

Before the Storm


Vizznak: Haha! More things to burn!



Number Nine Jia: Thank you, friend! My students died to protect these scrolls. Centuries of history would have been lost with their destruction.



STAGE 3: Journey to the East — With Master Crane’s help, reach the west temple grounds.

Number Nine Jia: Chen Stormstout was teaching a youngster class when the attack began. He’s one of the strongest monks I know but even he won’t be able to hold out forever. Come, we have to rescue them! No good… We don’t have the time to fight our way through that multitude! If I focus my Chi I believe I can get us behind their forces. Quickly, (name). Take my hand.

NOTE: Click Number Nine Jia to continue in Zen Pilgrimage form.



STAGE 4: Tangle with a Tiger — Chen Stormstout was leading a children’s class when the attack began. Rescue him and the children!

Master Cannon: (Name)! Master Jia! Thank de spirits ya be alive! These demons be endless!

Number Nine Jia: This is worse than I feared, (name), we must part ways here. They need my help here at the temple. Chen’s class should be just to the north across the bridges. Jade Serpent watch over you, (name).



Chen Stormstout: Run children! I’ll protect you from this monster!

Li Li Stormstout: You got this, Uncle Chen!



STAGE 5: Precious Cargo — Accompany Chen and the children back to the Temple.

Chen Stormstout: Thank you for the assistance, friend! That foul creature put up quite a fight! Children! Behave yourselves!

Junior Trainee: Sorry, sir.

Junior Trainee: Sorry, mister Stormstout.



Chen Stormstout: Come children, we must get to the temple. (Name), I’ll need your help, the complex is crawling with evil. Infernal incoming! Watch your head!



STAGE 6: Mastering the Odds — The Demon known as Jorvinax has opened a gigantic portal! You must close it before the Legion can turn the Peak of Serenity into a foothold.

Chen Stormstout: Grand Master Hight, it’s a relief to see you!



Master Hight: Chen, I’m glad to see you and the children are safe!

Chen Stormstout: It was all thanks to (Name). He arrived just in time to help us out.

Portal Master Jorvinax: Pathetic mortals! The armies of the Legion will crush you!

Master Hight: Well fought, Chen Stormstout, but we’re not done yet. Chen, take the cubs as far away from this place as you can. (Name), and I will stay and seal the portal. White Tiger walk with you, my friend. (Name), we can’t allow the Legion to establish a foothold here. We need to find a way to close that portal down!



FINAL STAGE: Portal Problems — With Jorvinax dead the portal is left unguarded. Find a way to destroy it!



Master Hight: Well done (Name)! That Fel Stone must be powering the portal, destroy it.



Master Hight: They are coming through!



Complete the “Serenity’s End” Scenario: 1/1


Location: Mandori Village (The Wandering Isle)

Nurse Yang: Ah you’re awake! Feeling better I hope? You were out for quite a while! Welcome to Shen-zin Su! I’m so sorry about what happened to the Peak of Serenity. We of Mandori Village are happy to allow you to stay here. The other survivors are up at the temple. If you’re feeling well, then you should head over there.



Discovered: Temple of Five Dawns




Fearsome Jang: Welcome back to the land of the living, (name). We nearly lost you in that explosion! Lucky for us that the Wandering Isle happened to be traveling nearby. The people here have graciously allowed us to reside at the temple. It’s not like the Peak of Serenity, but this will make a fine new home.



Before the Storm


1. Before the Storm7. Into the Heavens
2. The Dawning Light8. The Adventure Continues: Li Li
3. Prepare to Strike9. Purity of Form
4. The Legend of the Sands10. A Master of Planning
5. Off to Adventure11. The Fight Begins
6. Thunder on the Sands
Class Artifacts Questlines


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