A few days ago, I reported issues # 0-3 were added to the store.

The Wildstorm-published World of Warcraft # 4 by Walter Simonson is now available as a digital download at the DC Comics Store for only $1.99.

Lo’Gosh remembers more secrets from his past as he and Broll fight alongside the Night Elves in Warsong Gulch. Will Lo’Gosh’s gladiator prowess and Broll’s druidic rage be enough to ensure their success? Plus, Valeera uncovers an assassin’s plot while in Thunder Bluff, and must warn Lo’Gosh of the danger headed his way.

Cover: Samwise Didier
Writer: Walter Simonson
Pencils: Ludo Lullabi
Inks: Sandra Hope

Digital Download Release Date: December 8, 2010
Release Date: February 20, 2008