King Phaoris: This stone is saturated with elemental power, possibly the remnant of the magic used against irmaat! If you went outside and held the stone to the heavens that should unleash the essence as a powerful whirlwind. If the whirlwind is strong enough you might even be able to ride the winds all the way to Skywall.! If the hand blades of Irmaat, the Fists of the Heavens, are as powerful as they were in the tale then they would certainly be there.

Into the Heavens


Quest Objectives

Obtain the Fists of the Heavens.

Into the Heavens



Li Li Stormstout: Oh! Magic!!! Hurry up, let’s see what it does!

NOTE: Click the Essence of the Whirlwind icon in the Objectives UI to begin the scenario.

STAGE 1: Into the Skies — Follow Li Li and protect her from the dangers of Skywall.


Li Li Stormstout: Get me out of this thing! Oh, my head still feels like it’s spinning. What’s going on over there? Hello? Hi!

Image of Typhinius: Mortals, in MY domain? They must not disturb my plans! Slaughter them!

Li Li Stormstout: They don’t look happy to see us.

Into the Heavens


Li Li Stormstout: Hmm… these tornadoes simply won’t do. Wanna see a trick my uncle Chen taught me?


STAGE 2: Running in the Clouds — Li Li has ran off ahead! Catch up with her.


Li Li Stormstout: Wee! Bet you can’t catch me!

Into the Heavens


STAGE 3: A Shocking Development — Your foes are using the Stormtouched Orbs to empower themselves. Destroy the orbs and break through the Raging Winds.


Li Li Stormstout: Pretty neat, huh? Look at those big sparking orbs! I wonder what happens if we poke one?

NOTE: Click the blue orb before engaging this pack of elementals.

TIP: Use Earth, Storm and Fire to crowd control.



Destroy Stormtouched Orbs 3/3
Raging Winds Bypassed: 1/1

Image of Typhinius: Little mortals, you are in MY realm now! There is no one to save you!

Li Li Stormstout: Blah, blah, blah! You sure do talk a lot.

Image of Typhinius: Insolent whelps! Witness the powers at my command! A’Buraq wa Ra’eid hiyah!



Image of Typhinius: A small victory, enjoy it while you can for it will be your last!



STAGE 4: Against the Storm — Typhinnius has summoned his servants, survive the assault!


Image of Typhinius: Come forth, servants of the storm! Defend your master!

Kaeled: These intruders will fall by my hand!

Image of Typhinius: Na’ser, answer your master’s call!

Na’ser: As you command, Lord Typhinius.

Li Li Stormstout: Can’t we all just, get along? No? Okay then, you asked for it!



Image of Typhinius: Unacceptable! Melezan, you will destroy them or I will cast your miserable essence to Deepholm!

Melezan: As my master wills!



Li Li Stormstout: Hah! That was a piece of cake!

Image of Typhinius: These mortals will not die! Zaurac, defend your master!

Li Li Stormstout: Holy smokes! Dragon!



Li Li Stormstout: It’s taking off! … Or not.



STAGE 5: Dragon Wrangling — You’ve weakened the Storm Dragon. Leap upon the beast and use it to reach Typhinius.


NOTE: Click Zaurac to mount him.


STAGE 6: The Tyrant of Skywall — Defeat Typhinius.


Li Li Stormstout: Oh… hold on! I’ll… figure out some way to follow you! Just hold on! Do me a favor and NEVER tell Uncle Chen I flew on my kite this high up. Okay?



Typhinius: Are all of my servants weaklings? Fine, I shall end you myself! The winds shall rip you apart!

Li Li Stormstout: Whoa! This guy is, like, super tough! Do you think we can beat him? Yea, you got this!



FINAL STAGE: Fists of Heavens — The Fists of Heavens are yours, take them.


Li Li Stormstout: That was awesome!! I was like, “Oh no!” And you were like, “Don’t worry, leave it to me!”

You receive item: [A’buraq]



Obtain the Fists of Heavens: 1/1


Li Li Stormstout: this has been a fantastic adventure! We explored the desert, punched a dragon in the face, and even got you something shiny! All this adventuring’s making me sleepy. Let’s head back to The Wandering Isle.


NOTE: Click Li Li’s kite to leave the scenario.




Li Li Stormstout: This was a fantastic trip, (name)! We really should do this kind of thing more often! Now that you have those blades I bet there’s going to be a bunch of adventures ahead! Maybe I should just stick around here a while.


Into the Heavens


1. Before the Storm7. Into the Heavens
2. The Dawning Light8. The Adventure Continues: Li Li
3. Prepare to Strike9. Purity of Form
4. The Legend of the Sands10. A Master of Planning
5. Off to Adventure11. The Fight Begins
6. Thunder on the Sands
Class Artifacts Questlines


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