Master Hsu: The Burning Legion has left a trail of ruin all across the face of Azeroth. We must strike at their bases within the Broken Isles if we are to have any hope of ending this war. I’ve put together a map of the isles and a list of tasks that we will need to have done there. Once you’ve had a chance to peruse the map, you should choose where we will begin our assault.


Quest Objectives

Select your first assault point on the Broken Isles.



NOTE: The map’s assault points are disabled currently in Legion Alpha. This page will be updated once the upcoming patch enables this feature to continue. Currently, Blizzard wants testers focused on the initial artifact questline experience to find bugs.


1. Before the Storm7. Into the Heavens
2. The Dawning Light8. The Adventure Continues: Li Li
3. Prepare to Strike9. Purity of Form
4. The Legend of the Sands10. A Master of Planning
5. Off to Adventure11. The Fight Begins
6. Thunder on the Sands
Class Artifacts Questlines


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