Iron-Body Ponshu: The Burning Legion took us by surprise at the Peak of Serenity – we will not allow the Legion a single foothold upon our world again!

We have trained hard, but we need weapons capable of destroying this great evil if we are to have any chance of success.

I’ve read through our scrolls and I’ve identified several weapons that should give you the power we need but we are unable to decide which one we should pursue first.

The choice, Grand Master, is yours.

Prepare to Strike


Quest Objectives

Select an artifact weapon to pursue.



Which weapon should we pursue first?

Prepare to Strike



Artifact Weapon chosen: 1/1



Iron-Body Ponshu: As you wish, Grand Master.


Prepare to Strike


1. Before the Storm7. Into the Heavens
2. The Dawning Light8. The Adventure Continues: Li Li
3. Prepare to Strike9. Purity of Form
4. The Legend of the Sands10. A Master of Planning
5. Off to Adventure11. The Fight Begins
6. Thunder on the Sands
Class Artifacts Questlines


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