Iron-Body Ponshu: Your weapon is stronger than ever, now is the perfect time to put it to use and take our fight to the Legion. Master Hsu has set up a command room within the inn and has been busy collecting reports from our friends and allies around all of Azeroth.

A Master of Planning


Quest Objectives

Speak to Master Hsu.



NOTE: Go through the south stairway to the Laughing Crane Inn (located in the Mandori Village).




Master Hsu: Grand Master. I’ve prepared a brief report on all that I’ve heard about the Broken Isles. You may find it quite interesting.


A Matter of Planning


1. Before the Storm7. Into the Heavens
2. The Dawning Light8. The Adventure Continues: Li Li
3. Prepare to Strike9. Purity of Form
4. The Legend of the Sands10. A Master of Planning
5. Off to Adventure11. The Fight Begins
6. Thunder on the Sands
Class Artifacts Questlines


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