Jace Darkweaver: We’ve managed to make contact with our forces on Mardum – they were able to secure the Fel Hammer in our absence! The rest of the Illidari eagerly await your arrival aboard; Matron Mother Malevolence should be opening a gateway there for us in just a moment.

Return to Mardum


Quest Objectives

Enter the Illidari Gateway to board the Fel Hammer in Mardum.



Jace Darkweaver: Remember, there is nothing more important than the Legion’s destruction. Coming, Master (name)?

Matron Mother Malevolence: Opening a gateway now, dears – step back.

Matron Mother malevolence: It’s been far too long, Master (name). Far too long.

Kayn Sunfury: Welcome home, Master.

Return to Mardum



Kayn Sunfury: This citadel was one of the Legion’s most valuable assets – it will serve us well.


Return to Mardum


1. Call of the Illidari7. Power of the Master (Havoc) | Vengeance Will Be Ours (Vengeance)
2. The Power to Survive - (Havok | Vengeance)8. Trusted Lieutenant (Havoc only)
3. Making Arrangements (Havoc) | Asking a Favor (Vengeance)9. Spoils of Victory (Havoc only)
4. By Any Means (Havoc) | Ask and you shall receive (Vengeance)10. Cursed Forge of the Nathrezim (Havoc & Vengeance)
5. The Hunt (Havoc) | Return to Jace (Vengeance)11. The Master's Gaze
6. Return to Mardum (Havoc) | Establish a Connection (Vengeance)12. Time is of the Essence
Class Artifacts Questlines


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